Help! What's wrong with my betta?

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    Sadie Saveryposted 7 months ago

    Help! What's wrong with my betta?

    I bought a betta a week ago, and originally I thought he may be sick but not with anything a little aquarium salt and warmer water couldn't fix.
    But I've noticed little-to no improvement in his initial symptoms (clamped fins, abdomen hanging lower than his head, slightly inflamed gills and rubbing/bouncing off objects in tank)  but though I've seen no improvement he has consistently stayed very active, great appetite and bright colors; no visible signs of parasites. So what can I do? I thought he may have gill parasites but even with a light and magnifine glass I see zero signs of them.

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    Terrielynn1posted 7 months ago

    Hi, your betta doesnt need salt. get clean water and add the meds. feed him only 4 small pellets a day of betta food. Do you use anthing to make sure the water was nutralised before putting him in. You could aslo google search the symptoms and se what else could be wrong.