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what to do

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    Lecieposted 7 years ago

    if you've read my other posts, in home/family, you know i've been spending alot of time caring for my father. the trouble is while i'm gone all day my cat will not eat.
    when i come home the first thing she does is get me in a game of follow the leader(she leads.) she takes me to her dish and starts to eat. if i go to walk away she follows me. i want her to keep eating so i stand there. finally when she's had her fill she runs away from me and ignores me for a few hours. why will she not eat while i'm away? this is troubling to me. if anything god forbid ever happened to me and i never come home would she starve herself to death?

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    Catsitter01posted 7 years ago

    Your poor baby is so lonely. Many times when mom or dad leave, cats have a sense of being abandoned and refuse to eat. It is not unusual for them to want you to stand beside them, or stay with them, when they eat as it makes them feel safe and confortable. If you can have a friend or neighbor (or pet sitter) stop by at least once a day when you have to stay away for a long time, go ahead and make that arrangement. Your cat will know they are there especially for them and help them adjust to your absence better. When you are able to give attention, and it's accepted, give all you can, play as much as possible, leave a tv or radio on when you are away as well as a light. No matter how independent they are, cats to not like being alone for a long time.

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    Lecieposted 7 years ago

    thanks for the advice. i may try the radio idea. my cat is terrified of strangers so having someone come in will just have her hiding all day. she even hides from half of my family. she has seen them before. but when they come in she takes off for the nearest hiding place. thanks for the thoughts
    have fun and be creative

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    thooghunposted 7 years ago

    My mother's cat does this all the time, which prompted me to research a little. I found the same question on Yahoo answers and it seems catsitter is correct:

    The best answer:

    Some cats just love attention. If you are near them, they feel loved. My cat right now is calling me, but it is to play with her windup fish. Just pet your cat. It may also be that he feels you don't spend enough time with him. Just set up a time that you play with him everyday, and it should lessen.