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Kill Some Time With Random Interesting Reading Material: 40 Creative Hubs from 2009

Updated on October 25, 2010

People who are familiar with my hubs here know that I write about a diverse range of different topics. I write about pretty much anything that might interest me from science to shopping, travel to technology. However the thing that I most like to write about is creativity. I like showcasing creative works and writing about creative people. I hope that this is something that everyone enjoys reading about as well.

I wrote a lot of hubs in 2009 but I feel like the best ones that I wrote (and the ones that were the most fun to write) were the ones that were about creative things. Here are links to forty of the creative hubs that I wrote. If you enjoy creative, artsy, interesting stuff then you'll probably be interested in at least some of these. Would love to know your thoughts!

  1. Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Animals. What could be more creative than a set of inventions that were inspired by the way that animals actually work out in nature?!
  2. Getting Creative with Love: 10 Really Cool DIY Valentine's Projects. Hard to believe it's practically already time to do some of these again!
  3. 20 Tips for Sprucing up the Stairways of your home. Ideas for being creative in your own small spaces.
  4. Ten Things you can do with Patience and a Ladder. This is one of the few posts that I've written this year that's creative but also humorous.
  5. Ecocities: What They are and Where to Find Them. Creativity on a grander level!
  6. Best TV Crime Drama Shows, Teams and Characters. If you're a fan of this niche form of creativity then I think you'll agree on at least some of what's written here.
  7. 10 Cool DIY Projects Using Sculpey Polymer Clay. I totally want to play with some of this as I remember writing this post.
  8. What People Think When You Type in All Caps. They don't think it's creative! Is it?
  9. 10 Easy and Fun Baby Shower Games. This is the kind of creativity that anyone can get involved in.
  10. Top 10 Cities for Walking Tours. Get outside to get your creativity really churning!
  11. 10 Interesting Myths and Legends About the Moon. I wrote this to answer a question that someone had asked here on the site and am so glad that I got the chance to do the fun research that was required to write the hub!
  12. Overview of Zazzle Stores. Put your creativity into action to make you some money.
  13. 7 Really Different 5 MP Digital Cameras. Choosing the right tool for your creativity makes it a lot easier to be creative.
  14. 8 Stunningly Creative Examples of Welding Art. Such cool people are making this stuff!
  15. 20 Tips for Encouraging Your Child's Artistic Expression. Everyone should get the chance to be creative!
  16. 7 Awesome Mobile Phone Artists and Art Projects. I love mobile phone art of all kinds!
  17. A Brief History of Face Painting. What a fun way to spend your time isn't it?
  18. 10 Child Authors to Read. Creative kids who are writing books before they're even out of elementary school!
  19. A Look at Some Truly Cool Bicycle Helmets. It's so great when functional, important, every day products are designed with a creative twist.
  20. Terrafugia Transition. The world's first car that can fly is totally a creative thing to read about!
  21. Why the Economy is Great for Innerpreneurs. What a great name for the kind of creative businesspeople who are successful today!
  22. How to Celebrate National Poetry Month. It'll be here again before we know it!
  23. Vintage and Retro Baby Clothes. So cute, so creative!
  24. Getting Over Writer's Block by Going Through It. Practical advice for working creatives.
  25. Great Broccoli Cheese Recipes. Getting creative in the kitchen.
  26. How to Become a Professional Clown. This has got to be one of the most fun jobs out there that so few people are really suited to do.
  27. 7 Things to Write your Mom for Mother's Day. She'll love every one!
  28. How to Blow Smoke Rings. Just for fun.
  29. Make your Kitchen More Fun with a Cool Bowl Set. Great creative products to enjoy in your own home.
  30. Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using Double Tape. Who knew?!
  31. Short Layered Haircuts and Styles. Different options for going short with your hair.
  32. 10 Amazingly Cool Underwater Jobs. What would you do if you could do it underwater?
  33. 10 Stunning Corner Sofa Options for the Stylish Home. Did you know that you could get this creative with one single type of furniture?
  34. 10 Stunning Surrealist Artists from the Modern Era. How cool are these artists? Every single one of them amazes me so researching their work was a joy.
  35. 10 Ways to Wear an Adult Snow White Dress. Do you still want to be a fairy princess? From nice to naughty, you'll find out how here.
  36. Two Faces or a Vase? 10 Simple but Wonderful Optical Illusions. So much fun!
  37. 12 Flirty, Fun Pretty Shower Curtains. Getting creative in the bathroom.
  38. 15 Ideas for Using Your Writing to Make Christmas Gifts. You can always save these ideas for next year if you're already done with Christmas this year!
  39. 10 Fun and Creative Projects to Do with your Digital Camera. Hopefully these will inspire you all year long to engage in the art of daily creativity with the tools that you already have at your disposal.
  40. 500 Amazing and Interesting People, Places and Things. Even more links to more creative articles I hope you'll enjoy!


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  • Dale Mazurek profile image

    Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

    What an amazing hub and a great way to get several hubs seen all at once.

    I love your style.

    I will admit i didnt read all of your hubs because my blog that I post hubs on is keeping me very busy.

    i am also glad to tell you that your hub was liked enough for someone to suggest it goes on the blog.

    You can find a link to my blog on my profile if interested.



  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    That is quite a collection!

  • creativeone59 profile image

    benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

    Wow wonderful hubs, I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59

  • vrbmft profile image

    Vernon Bradley 8 years ago from Yucaipa, California

    I really enjoyed the smoke rings and I'm looking forward to the cheese and borrocoli!

    Thanks for all the creative and otherwise great hubs

  • profile image

    AuthorLMS 8 years ago

    very interesting information, you have some great ideas in here as well. Thanks for sharing great hub!

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Washington

    Might take me a few years to read all those - but now I will have something to do during the longgggg winter! Thanks - Audrey

  • dohn121 profile image

    dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    Wow! Who better than you to write this hub? There so much that I've learned from you and there's more that I still can learn! Thank you, Kathryn! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!