I have a question about window painting

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    lshepard52posted 9 years ago

    My granddaughter painted car windows for the local festival and after raining for 2 days, her designs are flaking off. She used acrylic paints. Should she have used someting different than acrylics? If so, what? She painted quite a few car windows and I'm wondering if she should just give the money back or what. Please help.

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      sunforgedposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Ive painted tons of window mural installations.

      As long as paint was supposed to be permanent or you have someone to scrape everything off later with razor blade she can or could do the following.

      Paint: there are paints and glazes specifically made for window painting.

      BUT acrylic was an acceptable paint choice,  if she painted teh acrylic directly on the glass without a primer or gesso...than it was her fault.

      To protect from elements a spray urethane would have worked.

      I personally tint urethane with the acrylic paints and paint in more of a stained glass effect, this allows one to take advantage of the light effects using the transparency of the urethane