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How was color first added in or blended into black & white photos?

  1. privateye2500 profile image44
    privateye2500posted 6 years ago

    How was color first added in or blended into black & white photos?

    The type where only the lips are rosey or the dress colored?

  2. Beyond366 profile image59
    Beyond366posted 6 years ago

    Well, most of these pictures have been taken in color. Later, I have edited them and added black & white to the background. The main subject of the image has been focused on, with the help of color.

  3. arksys profile image91
    arksysposted 6 years ago

    in adobe photoshop... you have two layers ... one in full colour at the back and a black and white version on top... then you can cut out the lips and dress on the top layer and you'll be able to see the colours from the layer at the back.

    if you only have a black and white picture then it's more difficult to get crisp colours but you can still get some colour on them.

    there is also a hub in the right side of this page "How to make photos black and white with a splash of colour".

  4. Devi Jaya DeLavie profile image55
    Devi Jaya DeLavieposted 6 years ago

    Usually the
    old B&W photos were hand tinted using transparent oil paints. Often, if the photographer knew he was going to tint the photo he would print it slightly underexposed to allow the tints to be more vibrant.