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What entry level digital SLR camera would you recommend and why?

  1. Linda Bliss profile image92
    Linda Blissposted 6 years ago

    What entry level digital SLR camera would you recommend and why?

  2. theframjak profile image91
    theframjakposted 6 years ago

    I am in the same situation and am going to soon buy the Canon Rebel T3i. It has the same sensor as much more expensive Canon cameras and goes for around $620 on amazon. Plus you will have the full line of Canon lenses and accessories to chose from. I also think it's always best to stick with the big two camera companies, Canon or Nikon. Good luck.

  3. samsons1 profile image77
    samsons1posted 6 years ago

    With so many choices out there, I can see the dilemma, and of course everyone has their own personal choices.  I can say from experience that one may visualize a certain brand with an attitude of adding more later.  Been there, done that!  More often than not by the time one comes to adding this and/or that you realize that a 'newer' or later camera edition or style has emerged so that 'extra' part or addition has been upgraded and you find yourself in a similar dilemma that you started with.  I have cameras I've paid over a $1000 for with a lower megapixel ability and also some that have cost less than $200 with a larger megapixel rating.  The choice is yours as to just what you wish to do with your camera.  Some people are satisfied with the results obtained with a cell phone camera.

    I take it that you are wishing to obtain a higher quality pic and possibly one you can work with as to editing and/or compose into a workable print.  You can get a good camera through Amazon or even WalMart that is small, lightweight, automatic capabilities and a removable storage disc.  Next thing you will need to consider is a photo editing program assuming you are computer literate, willing to take the time and have the eye needed to see a finished pix before you ever press the shutter.  Still interested...?

  4. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    I wouldn't recomend any digital cameras, all the electronics to go wrong, along with the mechanics, and you will need a degree in electronics to make sense of the manuals.  Go for a very basic non-electronic SLR and film, then the only thing to break down is mechanical.  I have a Bronica ETRs SLR, it has a battery for the exposure speeds, if the battery dies on me it still works, just have to adjust apperture to get the right exposure at 500th sec.  Also, with film cameras you learn more about good picture taking, there is none of this filling up the card, hit and miss until you get one right and deleting the rest, film forces you to get it right 1st time.

  5. Dina Blaszczak profile image93
    Dina Blaszczakposted 6 years ago

    I would recommend Canon 450D, firstly because of the affordable price and secondly because of the quality.  I have been using this camera for more than 2 years and it proved to be reliable and easy in use.

  6. Just_Rodney profile image80
    Just_Rodneyposted 6 years ago

    Here the answer is quite simple, there are only 2 digital Single Lens Reflex cMERAs to choose from, look at the Canon, as itrs price is slightly cheaper than the Nikon. The models are being upgraded and replaced about every six months.
    Read my 3 hubs regarding the D$LR.
    Then check out photoshops.

  7. profile image0
    paulgcposted 6 years ago

    For the general casual photographer i would recommend the Canon EOS 1100D. Its cheap, capable and introduces you to the Canon range.

    If you think photography is going to be a long time hobby then i would seriously recommend by passing entry level cameras and skip straight to an enthusiast model such as the Canon 7D. Enthusiast models are more expensive but you get better build quality and therefore a more enjoyable photography experience.

    Lastly, The lens that comes bundled with the kit is an ok lens but i recommend buying the camera body on its own and then invest in a more capable lens, it will pay dividends in the end.

    Word of warning...Photography is a very expensive hobby...worth it...but expensive.