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Welcome to this world, a minefield of Information, Humour Pathos, it is peopled by all those who have a desire to put words on screens. Some us photography to paint some of the images, some use poetry, to share inner thoughts

A house husband, for the since 1986, not through age, or lack of trying. This started with an accident at work, which resulted in a couple spinal fusions, the first did not work out, the second is still holding out.

This has made me chief cook and bottle washer, DONT DO WINDOWS

I am bit of an extrovert. Loves people watching, which I might add includes, sneaking around on the hubs, passing comments.

Major interests are cooking, photography, wildlife preservation, of course writing has become a bit of a passion. Have worked on and am still working on several self inspired cook books. All of them original recipes with words and my own photos.

The writing of hubs and 'meeting' all the fantastic people on the hub is taking up a good deal of my time. That which had started out as a form of self therapy, is now turning into a social and educational arena.

I live in Johannesburg South Africa, which I have done so for practically all of my life!

Hey like everything and everyone else I have grown a bit and in growing have altered my other public image.

All and everything that I place on Hub is Coprighted by me including my handle Just_Rodney ©

Apply for permissions before trying to reproduce articles etc in form.

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