You like to walk on night park?

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    artinvestmentposted 7 years ago

    I receive weight of positive emotions from slow walks on evening and Night Park. Why I am given by these walks pleasure the do not know. Such walks among deserted lonely lanterns give rise to interesting philosophical thoughts, force to reflect on higher. And the silence, absence of people and cars nearby, promote it. You noticed as interestingly and is non-uniform lantern light in a crone of night trees is reflected? It can be seen in many my paintings which I write palette knife, devoted to night park in it (  ) section of my gallery of painting.
    And passing on Night Avenue by a lonely and empty bench unless emotions of loneliness and emptiness are not born? I love such plots. The evening and night nature gives a large quantity of emotions. These emotions absolutely different: loneliness, melancholy, grief, romanticism, pleasure, a pacification and many other things.
    I like to go slowly on lonely evening or Night Park. I like to enjoy silence, magnificent crones of trees of lanterns playing light, it is pleasant to observe of a harmonous line of light spheres from the lanterns leaving as the crow flies afar of night park.
    Whether it is pleasant to you to walk on evening lonely park, as to me, artist Valery Rybakow

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    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

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    Merely putting 3 pics on a page with a copy of this post in the comments capsule.. does not make a hub. It is merely a self promotional sales pitch (SPAM) which is in conflict with your TOS sad