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    DeaneMcposted 9 years ago

    Black and cold , darkness and bitterness denies any escape.  Resentment clouds the view and all you can think of  is the hurt that you feel from the problems that have come up against you. The stench of betrayal  makes the eyes sting from the tears that you have shed You think you can never trust or love again. How could this happen to you. You thought you had everything under control and all was going so well.  Many good times together and so much laughter, could this all be a dream.
    For you have discovered the very one that told you they loved you have turned on you and it's all just a game to them.
      You have become a  prisoner to your thoughts. A victim of circumstance. Victim of betrayal. and of abuse. The world seems to be weighing heavy on your shoulders.So you lift up your voice and wail. The beauty that once was, seems to have disappeared. But now you understand.Now it's all too clear. Someone came into your life and they just seemed to good to be true. Always there to cheer you up, to lend a helping had. Give you a hug and tell you they are glad they are your friend. You have shared tears of joy and tears of sadness. You thought for sure you would be friends forever. Then one day it happened.

    You find out that all the trust you placed in this person and the personal things you  shared are made public and you were unprepared. In this place of brokenness you cry out to God. He hears you, He loves you and better than anyone, He truly understands. He will reach out to you and lift you up again. As time goes by each day gets a little easier. But you learn from this to be more cautious though it makes it difficult for you to trust again.You never thought your best friend would be your greatest deceiver. God  says to keep your eyes on Him and not on man. See, the devil is like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. A person may not even realize they are being used by him; and I am not saying...the devil made me do it...I am saying he will take an innocent person and place thoughts and ideas in their head. It is left up to each person whether or not they carry out his plan. Without knowing it, he has drawn them in. God on the other hand will help you to get through, no matter what it is. He will be your Father and the Friend on which you can depend. God is able to restore your heart and give you peace of mind. He is your greatest treasure and He is there for you all the time. It may take a long time for you to get over what ever happened between you and the so called friend. One day God will bring someone into your life and if you trust Him you will know their sent by Him. And that is precisely what the Father does and you will know it in your heart. Then you will realize once again that you can laugh and feel free again. Because God will release you from that burden that was set up to do you in. The things that were so dark will become beautiful again. The sun will shine and the gray will slowly fade away. God has been there for you always and will be everyday.

       Because of God's grace we go from being people whose throats are like open graves ( Psalm 5:9 ) to being participants of God's glory. We were washed up and put out; now we are called up and put in.