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Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle

Updated on September 9, 2010

Harley Davidson have been producing motorcycles since 1903 and have a fantastic heritage. The Screamin' Eagle model is a modern favorite and likely to become a future classic. With many custom motorcycle houses taking a shine to the beast, there is plenty of unique one-off's on our roads too. If you want a Harley to be a base for customizing, this is the one to go for. Being one of the more popular bikes means there is more options than other motorcycles to make it your own.

Starting in the mid $20k and with options available to spec it over $50k the vast variety of Screaming Eagle models is staggering and spanned over a few years so there is a lot to cover in this range.

You can always get Harley Davidson decals after purchase to customize it further and a new Harley Davidson seat to make it truly your own and to stand out a bit from the rest of the crowd.

Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Info

Like all Harley Davidson's, the Screamin' Eagle is subliminal to ride. It has a low center of gravity which means it handles well at low speeds and is easy to control and ride. It is reported to wallow a bit going over bumps above 60mph but it's not a big issue. It is great for new motorcyclists and experienced riders alike.

There is many colors to choose from so I won't list them here, red pearl seems to be the favorite though. There is also a couple of choices when it comes to wheel design, 5 spoke alloy being the favored sporty choice for the motorcycle though.

They all come with chrome trim and a 5 gallon fuel tank in the traditional peanut shape and painted in the color of your choice. The pannier boxes match up and make up for a great Harley Davidson touring motorcycle.

Want a Different Harley Davidson?

I've also written hubs about the entry level Harley Davidson 883 and the chopper styled Harley Davidson Rocker providing much more detail on these new 2010 models from your favorite motorcycle manufacturer.


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