Is there any future for the motor car? Or is it doomed to future museums of the

  1. stuff4kids profile image98
    stuff4kidsposted 4 years ago

    Is there any future for the motor car? Or is it doomed to future museums of the 'Age of Oil' ?

    With the growing realization that exhaust emissions from cars are a major contributor to environmental pollution and global warming and the reality of a future without oil once the reserves are depleted - is their any future for the motor car?

    If they will survive the impending collapse of the oil-based economy, what will they be like and what will fuel them?

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image68
    Tusitala Tomposted 4 years ago

    Depends what you mean by "the future."  Are we talking about five or ten years, a few decade, or a hundred years?  If the last, I expect the gasolene and diesel fueled cars will have faded completely as new technologies take over.  It should always be born in mind that a brand new breakthrough could take place at any time - something not yet on the radar.   For example, a battery that is so efficient that it can fit into a shoebox yet propel a car for a thousand miles before having to be recharged.   And perhaps something which is so durable as a power supply that one changes it from one vehilce to another as the models wear out or become obsolete.

    (The same could apply to the household electrical supply, by the way.  No power stations, electrical grids and the like)

    New methods of propulsion that can focus the earth's weak magnetic field to the point where it flows through the car itself and acts on it so it moves along those lines of force.   Yes, it's science fiction.  But so was wireless (radio) and X-rays, and the Internet 150 years ago.   Truth is, we don't know what will eventuate.   It's simply beyond our ken.    Who'd have thought we all be carrying smart phones and tablets even thirty years ago.

    Private cars might disappear for all but the few, with most of us relying of public transport; fast moving carriages projected along various flight paths and incredible speeds and stopping wherever we want them to.   And by then, I expect, we'll be able to catch the Noon-day departure to the Moon, and maybe the monthly flight to Mars.

    But if you're waiting for the oil lobby to change because it needs to be done, expect a long they gradually move their funds into whatever new technology they're plan to them dominate.

    1. stuff4kids profile image98
      stuff4kidsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, I can see that the technological solutions we might hope for and reasonably expect may be held up if not in development then in rolling out to the public by vested political and economic interests.


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