power steering on newer Chevrolets

  1. bearnmom profile image69
    bearnmomposted 14 years ago

    I recently controlled a slide down a hill on ice.  Later same week my automatic signalling came on with the words "power steering" so I went to the mechanic.  After a gas pumper for the station tore into my engine and could not find the well for the power steering fluid (transmission fluid) we consulted the mechanic.  It seems that the newer cars donot have a place for steering fluid they are now run on electronic parts.  The parts are also affected by cold weather.  Ummmm that part was quoted at around $200.  This seems to be a step backwards to me since they are now playing with the safety of my vehicle by changing that part.  I called the state attorney general's office and they must have agreed with me because they gave me the telephone number for NHTSA to file a complaint.  My point is this is very unsafe and I wonder how many others realize that this part is affected by cold weather.  Tell me what you know and if you agree with me.  I think a class action suit for a recall is in order.

  2. earnestshub profile image80
    earnestshubposted 14 years ago

    A lot of vehicles have gone to electrical components to replace hydraulics, but any failure due to temperature is a definite fault and you may well be correct, it could be a design fault, especially if temperature caused the failure.
    I have not heard of this before, so I will do some research through GM in Australia. We share a lot of components with USA GM products, and it may appear here on the local product.
    We do have a very successful company here that replaces crappy GM and Ford steering components with ones that never fail, so I know there was weakness in the hydraulic designed ones GM and Ford made previous to your model. smile
    I have known this guy for 10 years and he will know of this problem. His dad started the company in the 60's and he now exports components to 29 countries. It is sad that so many design faults are never properly sorted by the OEM and after-market companies spring up to cover them, but I am happy my friend is doing well. smile

    1. bearnmom profile image69
      bearnmomposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your response.  I have looked into my personal matter further and have just been quoted over $400 for the part that I need and it can't be purchased from anyone that is not a licensed distributor of GM.  I think this is crap and my original estimate of around $200 has now skyrocketed to almost $700 because GM messed with parts that didn't need to be replaced.  Electronics are not always a better solution.


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