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5 Tips to Drive Traffic with Articles

Updated on May 21, 2012

Step 1: keyword research

The number one thing that people use to find your website is a search engine. They are able to locate the content or information they are researching by simply typing in a keyword or phrases. The search engine goes out all over the internet and brings the results back that match their request the closest. So, when you are doing keyword research you always want to make sure that the proper keywords that match your content are available. If, someone out there is searching for information and comes upon your site, but there is little relevant information that matches it. If, the content does not match what the potential clients are searching for they will just hit the back button and move away from your site.

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There are many keyword tools out there to help you choose the right keywords for your articles, websites, and other content. However, I usually like to go to the source of 99.9 percent of all traffic out there and use their keyword tool. The Google keyword tool is free to use and highly effective. It can show you plenty of keywords in your niche market and help you narrow down the perspectives.

Doing the right keyword search to enable the most be found on the internet can mean the difference in a lot of genuine traffic or misled traffic to your articles or website.

Step 2: Write quality articles.

When you have, located your keywords it is time to write the article. This is the number one step that must be done correctly. When it comes to writing and the internet, content is truly “king” when it comes to high quality articles. Not only do search engines love them, but people will actually stay to read them once they have found them.

There is nothing like creating your own content for a website. You will be able to control how the quality is. The search engine optimization keywords you want to add. Always take the time to make sure your article is the best it can be. This includes checking the flow of the article, grammar, punctuation, and other proper sentence structure.

There are times when we will get the dreaded writers block. However, do not worry about writer’s block, leave it for another day and write about something else. If, you cannot leave it do a search on Google for the related topic. Sometimes, by reading about the topic you want to write about it opens the writing paths in your brain.

There are going to be times that we are unable to sit down and write. So, what many people do is go and find content writers. There are a lot of places out on the web that freelance writers use to earn money writing content for webmasters. These sites are accessible all over the world so when you do make sure you are getting a highly educated native speaker in English or one that is very fluent. Sure you can go and get a few articles written pretty cheaply. However, you may not like the quality of the article you are getting back.

Step 3: Proofread your articles, carefully.

Proofreading really is a great habit to get into. It will help you to read through the article, to make sure that you have caught all the mistakes that you may not have realized that you missed. I have even gone back to articles I wrote a year ago and found mistakes where there is spelling off or grammar syntax not quite right. However, it is a good habit to get into if you read through your article at least twice prior to submitting it in a final state. This will help you submit the best quality articles for your site. If, you are like me and need help on spelling and grammar sometimes there are plenty of spell checkers and grammar programs that can help you catch the common mistakes.

Step 4: Submit your final article.

There are a lot of different places that you can submit your high quality article. Many people use revenue sharing sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, or others to submit articles. There are many article directories out there that you can use. The idea, always submit original content to these directories otherwise you are just going to be competing against yourself for traffic. If, you want to use the same article in multiple directories then make sure you rewrite the articles, so they are not the same.

Step 5: Build links toward the published articles.

The high quality article you have written for your website or blog also needs some love from the internet. This is done in the way of back linking to your site. So, let people know you just created this great new article and share it on social networking sites. So, always be in the mindset that you need to drive traffic to your article.

These 5 tips to help you drive traffic to your website or other articles but do not stop there keep typing keep writing and keep submitting. All your hard work will pay off, it may take some time, but the fruits of all that labor will be seen by thousands of people all over the world.


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