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Why Articles Are Good to Generating Targeted Traffic

Updated on May 21, 2012

I get a lot of people asking me quite often if writing articles online is really a good way to help drive traffic. Many still have doubts about how they will be able to turn an article of information into traffic. Well, if your articles are of high qualities, specified keywords, and are original content then, yes you can generate a very real amount of traffic.

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When people go online they are searching for specific information. They often times ignore the sales pitches and ads that pop up because they want to get to the information they are searching for. When they are, searching they use Google, Bing, or yahoo search engines to specific a topic they want to search for. For example, “generate traffic with articles” or “how to drive traffic with article marketing”

The search engines then crawl all over the internet searching for those keywords or phrases the user put into the box. It only takes a couple of seconds to come back with millions of potentially related information that have those words in them. It will come back with a variety of sources as well like blogs, websites, forums, chat rooms, and other locations. You name it if it has those words it will probably be in those millions of results.

The idea of article marketing is to specific those keywords that are related to what you are writing about. If, you stick with those keywords then those are the ones that will drive the proper type of traffic to your article.

It is easy just to write up an article throw it on a blog and hope to get traffic. However, that is not what is going to get traffic to your pages. There are things you can do to entice the language of the article, so more people will read it. Here, are some ideas to help you achieve writing a great article.

• Stick with your keywords. Write about what those keywords are and do not wander. You want it to be specific with the information that people are searching for.

•Use quality keywords for targeted traffic, Use keyword search tools like Google’s free keyword tool to get the best results for the traffic.

•Come up with a Unique and creative title.

•Make your articles useful, and informative.

•Always provide true, factual, and specific information about what you are writing about. This can boost the trust of your readers because they will think you are an authority on the topic.

•Use conversational, friendly tone.

•Make your articles engaging. By having a call to action or a question, the reader must answer

•Ensure that your content is unique and that they contain fresh information.

•Articles do not need to be long. However, they should contain enough information about what you are talking about to inform the reader about the topic.

After you have come up with a killer article, done your keyword research, and checked your spelling you can publish it online. However, just publishing it will not get it noticed you need to make a little bit of noise so that others know about it. This includes promoting your article through other directories, creating backlinks, distribute through popular social media, and find other creative ways to get your article read.

If, you decide to submit your article to an article directory make sure you rewrite it so that it is completely different from the original. Also, include a link to your article or website in each of the Bio section about yourself. These backlinks take a little time to make, but they will start generating more and more traffic for you to your website, which in turn creates more potential clients.

So, the idea of article marketing can actually be quite effective. It is easy to write and promote an article the only thing that stops people is time. However, the time that you place into writing, creating, and promoting through articles is going to pay off over time more and more than you would in other forms of marketing.


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