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Training to become an EA after divorce

Updated on December 14, 2016

My Early Life

As the only daughter and the sister of three brothers, I was the apple of my parent’s eyes and my brothers were very protective of me. I did well at school and wanted to be a model. I managed to get small modelling assignments but nothing worthwhile for me to take that massive step to leave my parents’ home. I had to supplement my income with part time jobs if this was my aim. I also had to be realistic and forget of that dream of becoming a model. I got a full time job as a receptionist.

My Marriage and Family

I met this gorgeous man who swept me off my feet. We did all the things young couples do including getting married. He had a large group of friends and they all had good careers and they all welcomed me to their group. I was very involved in my husband’s business. I had an active part there and although it was daunting at first but I caught on quickly and enjoyed it immensely. When the children came along, I was able to support him from home. Over the years, the business had many contracts abroad with my husband in charge of that area. He spent more and more time abroad and less time at home. I discovered he was often in the country while he claimed he was abroad. It was the end of my marriage.


Restarting my career as an Executive Assistant

So I had the house and the children to whom he was devoted. I was alone. I had a long hard look at my life and decided I had to take control of it. My friends convinced me that I had all the skills that were needed in the commercial world albeit transferable skills. I decided to get all the training needed as I wanted to work in an office. I researched thoroughly and visited training companies and colleges as I had to make sure I would be getting the correct training. I researched the job market thoroughly for the skills needed. I enrolled on a PA course and took all the IT packages to Advanced level. I had to ensure I was fully prepared for the job market and I had time on my side. I needed also to be there for the children but I certainly did not want a distance learning course. I found a short, intensive course with online training on IT. I passed all the exams and secured a Diploma within six months. Armed with this and my newly recharged confidence, I hit the job market and soon settled in a PA role.

After seven years in the company, I am now the EA to the CEO of this large organisation. Over the years, I took other courses – minute taking, Executive PA etc to make sure I was keeping abreast with the world and with an eye on good promotions in the company.


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