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How to Win in Office Conflicts

Updated on November 16, 2012

Here are some strategies to solve problems in office or workplace office:

How to win in office wars:

  1. Let bygones be bygones, we live and deal with current problems, living in the shadows of the past is the thing insane people does. Moreover we live with today and what tomorrow will bring is necessary above all.
  2. Reduction of confrontation and resolve problems one at a time.
  3. Utilize neutral location when you want to meet and discuss with your adversary to talk things over on an existing problems. Have some snacks or a cup of tea or coffee to lighten the atmosphere.
  4. Don’t interrupt each other while having a decent talk, value empathy very well; learn to be a good listener and speaker.
  5. Utilize the four A’s (Acknowledge, ask, align and add). Acknowledge - begin discussion with phrases like “I believe there may be a problem that hopefully can be ironed out if we will work together. Ask - Inquire about the person’s opinion about the situation, and then give time for concerns and feelings to come out spontaneously. Be concise, specific and have a discussion one at a time. Show utmost respect when doing so, and encourage your colleagues to follow suit. Aligning - is actually done by showing and giving importance to mutual desirable intent like saying “We might build more effective team or less stressful work place if we can work together as a formidable team.” Add – by highlighting what is common to the two of you and trying to resolve the issue, pounce on the similar positive attributes to come with solutions while using both of your strengths.

How to have the right attitude in the office:

- Always believe that all individuals are performing to the best of their abilities. At all times praise a job well done.

- Give your trust when needed. Communicate well and honestly with your co-workers.

- Assume that both of you have common goals such as growing as a person, extracting exciting satisfaction in your work, and having both confidence and high self-esteem

- Believe that others are capable of being one of the top performers and achievers as well.

- Share ideas with your colleagues and by being open to suggestions and feedback.

- Believe that others always wanted to have a meaningful work as they are trying their best to be competent.

- Others have knowledge, wisdom and necessary skills and they can make wise choice just trust them.

- Rather than getting jealous or involving oneself with rivalries think of goodwill in others.

- Remember that others wanted to be treated fair and square, recognized and truly appreciated.

Here are some ways to avoid conflict in office I hoped this help in a way.

My first Hub in the HubChallenge (third batch)


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