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How to Perform Well at Work

Updated on May 7, 2011

Here are some tips that could help you raise your confidence and motivation to perform well at work.

Have you wondered how top performers do their splendid work? They seem to be always in the right place at the right time. They acquire promotions and appear to do things effortless. However, these top performers apply a lot of effort to every endeavor they undertake. The following tips may help you to determine the secrets of these winners:

1. Care and love about our job. Top performing individuals who achieve or yield great results care a lot about their job, and love everything they do. They are always zealous, and taking an interest in all facet of their work, whether they are in the classroom, on an outreach program, a fair booth, or doing management tasks. If you dislike your work, do whatever it takes to make work bit thrilling: Get engaged, increase your duties and responsibilities, discover something new, or mull over shifting to another position.

2. Do not be scared to take responsibility. If you are having a tough time at home or if you have a cranky, not easy to be with supervisor, who are you going to put the fault? Charging fault on the other person will only inflict you stinging setback. All of us have ups and downs in our respective lives, but some of us moan, complain, and blame a lot while the top performers accept responsibility well and deal with their own adversity with sheer might and courage.

3. Ask for help. Top performers are not scared to ask for aid. For them, asking for help is a way of acquiring strength rather than showing Achilles' heel or should I say weak points. More often high performing achievers have guides whom they ask for essential advice. Also, they increase networks so that if a question arises and they don’t have answer, they know where to acquire it.

4. Think well before making actions. Occasionally it seems that top performers turn up suddenly with great ideas out of the blue. This is not surprising though. They have more often than not thought the plan through beforehand thoroughly and carefully. They do not expect to be perfect, and yet they are flexible in their accepted wisdom as the job unfolds and, thus, generally produce top results.

5. Work in a team well. Top achievers allocate their knowledge with others. They are generous about their time and effort when it comes to contributing to the success of the team. Often they tend to take the plunge first, whether it’s undertaking marketing endeavors, making huge and laborious surveys, making a massive testing job or answering phones. Sharing their knowledge and their time, gives others ideas the example to emulate.

6. Be pessimistic and a positive thinker at all time. Don’t torture yourself with anxiety when you commit mistake. If you didn’t do the job done, tell yourself, “It is okay, I messed up and but I’ll do a lot better next time.” High achievers don’t squander time getting upset about errors they have made, for they are too busy gearing up for the next challenge.

7. Keep your leisure time active at all times. You need not racing around all the time, but do the things you really enjoy most during your leisure time. Going home and sitting around the house everyday after hard days work, because you are too tired to engage in anything else will only get you more tired. Remember when you were sick around for a week? It is hard to get your rhythm, wasn’t it? Enable synergy work for your advantage. The more you are busy and knowing the more you want to do. You will gain underpinning enthusiasms and much needed motivation that will permeate your whole life to achieve more.

So, pick up your cudgel and better start thinking and acting like a top performer, and who knows, you will be one. Inculcate what Elinor Smith, an American aviator and writer once said, “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishments rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

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