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How to Improve the Power of Your Creativity

Updated on May 7, 2011


After doing this activity you are expected to:

1. Develop the ability to innovate or introduce new ideas .

2. Identify areas where innovations can be introduced.

3. Identify ways on how to improve your abilities.


To innovate means to introduce new ideas or methods. Being creative and original are all what you have to be in order to come up with great innovations

Guidelines to help you develop your propensity to innovate:

1. Closely and carefully observe the methods and systems in the training center. Your observations will help you in determining where and when an innovation can be made or introduced. …..

Consider these areas for innovations:

1. methods or executing your project;

2. substituting materials for those not readily available.

2. After you have made your observations, you can start developing your idea.

3. Make your idea/innovation simple but original.

4.Examine your idea critically. Will the innovation be useful? Will it accomplish training tasks in the least expensive and least time consuming manner? Will it serve a common purpose? 5.After you have examined your idea critically, you are now ready to put it into action. 6.Determine the method of how this idea will be carried out.

a) Try and experiment on new and untried methods.

b) Modify existing methods.

7.Develop the courage and determination to accomplish what you have started. 8.Anticipate objections and learn to hand these objections properly. 9.Don’t be afraid or ashamed of criticisms. Listen more to negative feedback and learn from it. 10.Don’t despair if your idea fails the first time around. There is always the second time, and the third and so on. Keep on trying.


Improvement is the very foundation of success. You can not advance or progress unless you improve your personality and your abilities. There are more than a thousand ways of improving your abilities but the following guidelines may be helpful: …

1.Be humble. Always consider yourself as a beginner. Remember that there is always some room for improvement. 2.Develop your Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Always think that you can do almost anything but never assume that you know everything. 3.Be aware of your strong points and develop them to your advantage. On the other hand, be willing to modify your weak points. 4.Be optimistic and never underestimate yourself 5.Build up your self-confidence. 6.Practice open-mindedness. 7.Associate with people. One of the best way to improve your personality is by mingling with people from all walks of life. 8.Never be ashamed to ask those in authority if you wish to know more about something. 9.Widen your knowledge through reading magazines, books, newspapers and other worthy reading materials. 10.Try to always see the lesson in every mistake that you commit. Learning through your mistakes makes you a learned person.

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