WORK, Part I

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  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 9 years ago
    Many of us were taught that work was something to be endured or barely tolerated at best, an intensely purgatorial existence before retirement. Only a minute percentage of us were told that work should be a joy/vocation/a calling. As a result of this inculcation, many people view work as a plague and dread Monday mornings. 

    In addition to this less than positive inculcation regarding work, many were taught just to settle and NOT to reach for their goals/dreams because "in all likelihood, that's NEVER going to happen."   Or they were told, that success ONLY OCCURS to the LUCKY and the VERY FEW. They believe that they are NOT in the equation as far as success goes.They feel that they are NOBODIES undeserving of success.  Thus their work lives are just joyless monotonies. 

    Only a few people actually ENJOY and/or PASSIONATE about their jobs/careers.  They actually anticipate Mondays and work while the majority of us view work as hellish or darkly purgatorial at best.  How were YOU indoctrinated about the concept and premise of work?

  2. profile image0
    JustCraftyposted 9 years ago

    I dread any day that requires me to leave the house for someone else.  I work for 16 companies, spend numerous hours at the job, come home spend the rest of the night online reporting what I did all day for no pay as the employers say it is included Right!
    I drive hundreds of miles a week and can barely move each morning from sitting in my car, walking and standing on cement floors and then spending endless hours in an office chair in front of a laptop computer.

    Work is work but this routine is a nightmare!

    No raises because stockholders have to be paid, time off without pay because the ceo needs a raise, and absolutely no respect from anyone.

    There favorite saying is if you don't like your job we will find someone who does.

    1. Silverspeeder profile image60
      Silverspeederposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      No disrespect JustCrafty but if you don't like your job why not find another?

      I hate the idle threat that employers use, the "if you don't like it you know what you can do" scenario so in the past i usually have, done one that is.

      I happened into an industry that is usually long hours and low pay but i have enjoyed it mostly and it has never stopped me from taking my labour somewhere else when it clearly doesn't suit me or the employer.

    2. gmwilliams profile image85
      gmwilliamsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I totally agree.  What is needed is to inculcate our young people with the premise that work should be beyond just mere livelihood, work should be a way to express one's passion and one's calling.  Work should be something to look forward to instead of  an object of dread.    This toxic attitude is why many people see work as something to be merely tolerable at least!

  3. profile image0
    JustCraftyposted 9 years ago

    I am at the point in my life where I have continued to gain education in the field that I work and use to love and have almost 20 years doing it but now I can't make the next step on the corporate level which I believe would reignite by love for the work and add a little challenge which isn't what my current jobs offer.
    I love to make hand crafts and have tried to sell them locally but most of the area surrounding me is on welfare so they don't buy handmade they buy store name brand items and the other people usually make their own like myself.
    My online store on use to get me a few sales but for the past few months where it isn't cold enough for my items there haven't been any sales.
    I love making things and selling them but can't seem to make much money at this.
    When I am doing sales on the weekend, I feel excited, interested, and have the challenge to sell for a large corporation but it soon fades after the weekend is over and it is back to the normal blah for the rest of the week in the going through the motion job where I have been for almost 20 years and haven't had any recognition or raises for a few years.


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