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How do you feel about customers falling asleep while you are cutting their hair.

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    Flames69posted 7 years ago

    How do you feel about customers falling asleep while you are cutting their hair.

    I have severe sleep apnea ( rated at 71) and am always sleepy.  sitting in a barber's chair makes me very sleep.  My barber is not concerned.  And, in 15 years I have never received a bad haircut from him

  2. Thesource profile image79
    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    Americans typically don't sleep enough.
    First there was the electric light, radio, TV,  and the internet. All these affect sleep.
    On top of that they work long hours and flood themselves with other activities.

    Please take a serious look at sleeping more. There  are treatments for sleep apnea now. With more sleep you will preform better. You will have better memory, concentration, cognitive skills, and creativity. There will also be improvements in your weight and the health of your heart.

    It may take as much to four week of sufficient sleep to see these improvements.

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    barbergirl28posted 7 years ago

    You know, it honestly depends on the person. If the person comes in and is rude, I would honestly prefer them to sleep because then I don't have to try and attempt small talk. If they are asleep, it avoids the akwardness. On the other hand, if it is someone that always comes in and I chat with regularly, I might be dissappointed to miss out on our talking time.

    Honestly, in your case, I wouldn't worry about it. If you have been getting haircuts from your barber for 15 years, they are probably already comfortable with you and understand your situation. The other thing is, getting your haircut, especially for men, is actually a very relaxing time and with all the white noise from the clippers, it would be very difficult not to fall asleep. As a barber, I would take it as a complement because they have you so relaxed and you are trusting of their work, that you are able to sleep!

    So, ultimately, I wouldn't worry about it. Take the extra time, sit back, relax, and catch the extra zzzzzzz's. If your barber doesn't seem the least bit irritated with you sleeping, chances are high it doesn't bother them. And if you are getting a good haircut, you probably aren't a jumpy sleeper, which makes it easier for the barber.

    Hope this helps. Take care!

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    Azockieposted 7 years ago

    Being a Beautician, I can say It happens! It can be annoying at times, however if you are on your game when it comes to your business, you should have know issue controlling the situation so that both parties are comfortable and the process can be sped up by both parties. Simply put if your tired take a nap or reschedule.

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    skye2dayposted 7 years ago

    Hello I am a hairstylist and hair color specialist. Wow over 25 years now. I am leaving the business in March for other dreams but that is another story. I have had two clients ( 15 years each)that always dozed. They moved on to another state. Marianne  literally snored. She got so comfortable she really looked forward to our appointment. Steve always dozed and loved the quiet time. There were times some are in a quiet mood. I give them the respect and let them zone out. In fact when a client is quiet it gives me me a very nice and needed rest. We tend to hear allot more then we might like too. The majority feel safe with the Hairdresser or Barber. That is a good thing but can be nerve wracking. Conversation takes allot of energy especially if the one in the chair is dumping their bucket.There were many a days I felt like putting out a sign, 'Therapy sessions, Add $50.00' (JK) It is all part of the profession. Anyway helping another is a sure solution to getting out of ones own head the me, self and I  issues. When we Bless we get Blessed. We do reap what we sow!

    Back to your question. The only problem I encountered was lifting the heavy, relaxed head to the hair cut position I needed. No big deal, I managed. Most times the head would bob right back down.  The sleepy heads and I have had fun with it. I am grateful they feel relaxed and trust me. Don't worry your Barber knows he gets a mental break from speaking. It probably refreshes him. It is obvious it does not bother him or you. Let him know how you appreciate his great hair cuts. I am sure you do. When I sit in the chair I love to zone out and shut my eyes and relax. Lets face it a nice shampoo and touching of the head is very relaxing. If you did not trust your Barber you would not be snoozing. Trust me I would not snooze if I had doubts about my hair cut. Enjoy the quiet time it goes fast! Ask your barber I am sure he enjoys the quiet time too.

    Hugs Galore. Hope all your hair days are good, very good. tee hee. Nice to meet you. Skye