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In today's world, how often do you have to make order out of chaos?

  1. Ken R. Abell profile image81
    Ken R. Abellposted 7 years ago

    In today's world, how often do you have to make order out of chaos?

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    For me personally it is on an moment by moment basis while I am aware what is around me and do the necessary things which are required for the moment at hand. Even in chaos there is order in the chaos that is happening all around you at all times. Example: making a milkshake in a blender there is a whole lot of shaking and chaos going on but when it is ready for drinking you stop the blender and enjoy the milkshake that you have just made. It is the same way of living your life on the earth every single moment that you are alive and kicking and also for those who are not so alive and kicking and is about to crossover to the other side of death.

  3. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    Every day. Chaos exists in your mind, how you process what you see. All you have to do is convinse yourself it is not chaos but how things are supposed to be. This makes it easier to find a way out. If you call something chaos, you instantly panic, thinking something is wrong. What if it's right? What if that is how it is supposed to be? Then you have no reason to panic and worry.

  4. KathleenColeman profile image74
    KathleenColemanposted 7 years ago

    Everyday it seems something chaotic crosses my path!  When chaos rears it's unseemly head I go into action mode breaking it down and reorganizing it into something manageable. 

    I would also add that chaos may exist to bring forth the best in each of us.  A test as it were to make each of us break out of our usual pattern to re-access and to live a better life because of it.

  5. oldhorse profile image66
    oldhorseposted 7 years ago

    I would say everyday, and I think it is fun.  Isn't that the definition of life; self-organizing entities that reverse entropy?

  6. daffodil2010 profile image71
    daffodil2010posted 7 years ago

    i think everyday choas is the other name of my life:D

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    Sivisposted 7 years ago

    I don't think you can ever make order out of chaos. 

    The most significant impact any of your attempts to do so would result in is a world which is just a little less chaotic. 

    Instead, one has to embrace this chaos and be flexible to its effects.

  8. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    I think the act is becoming so commonplace that we don't realize that we are doing it.  Just the simple act of getting through morning and afternoon traffic rush hours is a conscious effort to make sense out of mayhem.  For every driver there who understands and respects the rules of the road, there are twenty more who feel "entitled" to act in any manner necessary as they drive.  It is a mirror reflection of the attitudes present in our society today across the spectrum.  Far too many of us feel that we are "entitled" to act as we choose and that we are not accountable for our actions.  We have plenty of examples like the Charlie Sheens and Lindsay Lohans that we can cite in the process.  Far too many of our young people today will enter into actions that permanent alter things in such a manner that they cannot go back.  Look at the tatoos that adorn the head, arms, necks, and in some cases entire bodies.  Look at the body piercings and devices designed to enlarge ear lobes like some wild native tribe of deepest Africa.  Are these cries for attention?  Do we suffer so badly in just looking like normal people that we must destroy our physical appearance to gain the attention of our fellow man?  All of this is indicative of the erroneous logic and thought processes which are in use on a daily basis.  In the end, much of it creates chaos for those who live on the saner side of life and ultimately we end up having to adjust our course in life to deal with it and eliminate the chaos...just like in the traffic jams. WB