Opportunities in the 45133 area for Mystery Shopping?

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    SeriousShopperposted 7 years ago

    Opportunities in the 45133 area for Mystery Shopping?

    Hi my name is Sheila and I am interested in more information in the field of Mystery Shopping in the 45133 area.  This is a rural area and I would be interested in even commuting to the surrounding area zips.  I can supply more zip codes if that would help.  I would appreciate any information you could supply me with.  Thank YOU!

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    Robert_Truitt1posted 7 years ago

    Hello Sheila

    I must say that when you are searching for mystery shopping on the web you have to be very careful because now more people are getting rip from this mystery shopping. I do know some that are legit enough for you to take but I am not sure about your area. I have a site that I can post real mystery jobs for you in the future, Maybe like 2 or 3 days to make sure they are legit. I just would like to tell you to be careful when it come to mystery shopping because you won't be happy for long.