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What is mystery shopping?

  1. Rishad Rzd profile image51
    Rishad Rzdposted 6 years ago

    What is mystery shopping?

    advantages and disadvantages of mystery shopping?

  2. JamesPoppell profile image84
    JamesPoppellposted 6 years ago

    Ahh, the mystery of mystery shopping. Basically you get paid to shop. Then you rate the store in several areas, mainly how well they did with their customer service. Not a bad gig, getting paid to shop. Getting paid to shop is the advantage that comes to my mind. The disadvantage would be having to critique someone. If you do not like judging people by their performance this may be a problem.

  3. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    I don' know, the fuss about it is all a mystery to me.

  4. Jrandol62 profile image75
    Jrandol62posted 6 years ago

    I've heard that mystery shopping is where someone, or a couple of people are hired from a private source, or the company where the people are shopping, and they go in to see how the customer service  (salesmen/women) treat them through the whole experience.  It's a way that businesses see how they're doing on the sales floor, good, bad....and see where they can improve.  I know where I used to work would have people doing this so we never knew which customer was the one(s)....so, we had to treat everyone the same. That's how it should be anyway right?....Hope that helped!!

  5. ShoppingIncognito profile image59
    ShoppingIncognitoposted 5 years ago

    Mystery Shopping is meant to improve customer service for everyone.  I can't say that there are any direct disadvantages to getting involved with it.  The new shopper page on the Shopping-Incognito website explains in a nutshell what mystery shopping is.  The site is a comprehensive informational website for anyone looking to get involved with Mystery Shopping.

  6. jycmba profile image81
    jycmbaposted 4 years ago

    Pam of IMSC (an organization of mystery shoppers created by mystery shoppers) provides a nice definition - "a tool used by companies to measure the quality of service, food, and the overall experience of the everyday customer."

    Check out my recent review of her book, The Essential Guide to Mystery Shopping -
         http://jycmba.hubpages.com/hub/Mystery- … ide-Review