What are you experience with MLM companies... I want the good and the bad, maybe

  1. angelicwarriors profile image77
    angelicwarriorsposted 7 years ago

    What are you experience with MLM companies... I want the good and the bad, maybe even the ugly...

    just trying to get a real cross section of personal experience with MLM whether it was Avon or Mary Kay up to Amway... this is a research question for information about MLM experiences

  2. StayPos profile image82
    StayPosposted 7 years ago

    Very engaging question!

    I have had some positive experiences with this type of business model.  My perspective on that is the benefits were really about LEARNING how to operate a small home based business. 

    In other words, my impression of MLM being positive is not about making millions and becoming rich as is often advertised or promoted.

    It's was more from a practical standpoint of learning the fundamentals of product promotion, public speaking, interpersonal communications, team building, sales and marketing, etc. 

    Many of these skills transferred well into other successful brick and mortar businesses.

    Just to be clear I have had an opposite experience as well. One in which we built a small organization and were excited about the potential only to have the company fold and go out of business do to industry (telephone) regulation.

    In its essence MLM is a very solid business model.

    The challenge is to have the right company, service or product and being involved with people who are of the same commitment level and vision.

    This will allow people to work together in order to succeed together.  If those things are not in place then most likely the experience will leave a lot to be desired.

    Hope that helps!

  3. carlmueller profile image36
    carlmuellerposted 7 years ago

    When I was younger I attended a few MLM meetings and they're basically the same in my experience. They hype up what they sell, introduce a few of their most successful people and present the numbers in a way that makes you believe most people are successful which is generally untrue. I think you need a certain kind of personality to be successful at MLM and I don't have it. If you're ok with approaching friends and family to buy stuff from you, then perhaps it's for you. If you like attending meetings to sign people up for your chosen program, then maybe it's for you. I figured out awhile back that it's not in my personality to be successful at MLM and that's probably why most people aren't. I didn't exactly address your specific question but I hope the insight is something you can benefit from anyways.


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