Do you have a coworker who is always negative? If so, how do you handle them?

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  1. slaffery profile image60
    slafferyposted 7 years ago

    Do you have a coworker who is always negative? If so, how do you handle them?

    Every office has one..That pesky coworker who argues about anything and everything.  That person that know matter what you say or do you can't please.  You know the type....the one where the "glass is half empty".  How do you deal with them?

  2. hpedneau profile image69
    hpedneauposted 7 years ago

    Great question. At first I would deal with my "Negative Nancy" by always adding something good after every sentence. That didn't work. I tried to just listen and provide positive feed back. That didn't work either. I finally just gave up and decided it wasn't worth my time to hear complaint after complaint with no action. Probably not the best solution, but there's only so much complaining a person can take!

  3. Nefarious_Misery profile image64
    Nefarious_Miseryposted 7 years ago

    I AM the negative one. I love to argue and be pessimistic. I love to push people's buttons. How do you deal with me? You don't, If I see that I'm getting under your skin, I'm only going to be that much more annoying.

    Really, I'm just kidding. I would kick them in the face.

  4. dtacker profile image59
    dtackerposted 7 years ago

    Never mind them. They are just jealous. So keep on doing your thing and instead act opposite, he or she might just want to get attention always, so they keep on being negative to get noticed.

  5. marymootoo profile image69
    marymootooposted 7 years ago

    I was once told that you should never ever walk away from a negative person. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In all honesty the onlyway to deal with them because they are the only ones who can fill their glass is to make sure yours is always full.
    Seach the internet for Zig Ziglar he will keep your glass topped up and read pma books. You will feel the difference inside and be able to deal with mr half empty.

  6. slaffery profile image60
    slafferyposted 7 years ago

    Marymootoo I LOVE Zig Ziglar.  I wrote a hub on this as I felt my question was too vague

  7. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 7 years ago

    Some places of employment have MORE than one!  and I HAVE successfully handled them, peacefully and politely.  Speak to him/her only when absolutely necessary.......don't conjure up a conversation just for sake of talking.
    Smile A LOT...and use a calm, assertive tone to your voice.
    LOOK he/she in the eyes when they speak and show attentiveness.
    Comment with brief, concise repsonses.
    Tolerate it as long as you can and then gracefully...still smiling.....back away.
    Bring him/her a flower and a little card that says something like "To brighten your day."  hint hint.    Most important?  NEVER take their attitude personally.Good luck

  8. b2b-sales-europe profile image59
    b2b-sales-europeposted 7 years ago

    Let me separate two things:
    1. argues about everything
    2. is always negative
    For the first point I would (and did) always take the road of: what are we here for? Its a job and everyone has to put an effort into to get the job done, that in the end pays all our bills. You and I need colleagues aiming to deliver, because no one expects the employer to go bancrupt in a sec, but competition is hard today. So while on the job, lets focus on deliver the best you can and I will do the same. If there happens to be a real problem, don't blaim or argue, be clever and show up with a solution.

    For the second point, this is mostly not work related. These people carry something aroiund with them, that doesn't belong to the working environment (couple issues, troube somewhere, lack of satisfaction, no one to talk to, etc.). I like to give a hand and listen, but after work. Tell them to go for a walk or a beer, what ever suits, ask honestly and lend an ear. However there are people wallowing in self pity. Give them one chance to talk to you, if it works fine, otherwiese get rid of them!!! Theydon't want to change and will make your life miserable! You don't need this. There is a lot worth living for, but get rid of people tearing you down!

    Once someone told me, that there are three ways to handle situations and circumstances, take one road, don't look back:
    1. change it or
    2. swallow it or
    3. leave it

  9. HERBERT ubaldo profile image59
    HERBERT ubaldoposted 7 years ago

    In every place there is always a negative people, they really need a counselor so always correct their mistake and be optimistic, do not go beyond their level


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