Who has easy to follow information for writing a resume that a new immigrant cou

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    donnaisabellaposted 6 years ago

    Who has easy to follow information for writing a resume that a new immigrant could easily follow

    My young sister just came to America (4 months now) after receiving a Green Card. She is looking for jobs and has to write resumes. I have been here for a while and I wish I could help her do a good resume but I cannot because the American resume writing system, which I have not mastered, seems daunting. In my country (Zambia), we had Curriculum Vitae and we learned to write the things in school. It was never difficult, I could have landed any job that I was qualified for (and I did). Sometimes I wonder if not having an American education subjects one to unintended discrimination.

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 6 years ago

    While I have not seen a CV from Zambia, I have seen and written CV's for people in Middle Eastern countries and in UK. The major difference I have seen thus far in the CV from a resume, is that the CV contains more educational background than a resume and sometimes includes a head-shot photo that American resumes usually do not include.

    Many, but not all, employers I have worked with in job placement services in America will accept a CV as readily as they would a resume, especially academic institutions.

    Several of my Hubs address resume preparation and give examples, but your local public library would likely have a shelf of resume preparation books, some that are very easy to understand. Many universities also have online resume writing guidelines at their websites that are easy to use. 

    Best wishes to you and your sister!

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    I Am Rosaposted 6 years ago

    A CV is accepted here as a variation of a resume.  I have a number of articles on HubPages about resume writing and have recently published a book, "The Job Hunter's Guide" that takes the reader through each step of job hunting, including samples of resumes and cover letters.  You can find the links to the articles and my book on my profile page.  Hope they help :-)