WHY do the Hub Page Managers seem so disagreeable? WHY do they REJECT Good Hubs?

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    KOKALOLSposted 6 years ago

    WHY do the Hub Page Managers seem so disagreeable? WHY do they REJECT Good Hubs?

    It seems like some people just CAN'T be Reached, UNTIL they KNOW more about me, which requires them to read my book. Then, people understand what they are dealing with. But, many people seem to learn their lesson far too late. Sad, in this "Modern Age." Just like "Pearl Harbor," was warned of impending doom, but the managers simply IGNORED and DENIED the red flags and warnings and then it was too late. Just like Noah was IGNORED and DENIED by his people, but NOAH got the last laugh. WHY is man so STUPID and BLIND? Read my new book to find out WHY. KD


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    WD Curry 111posted 6 years ago

    Take heart! You still have one follower.

    Here's the deal . . . you can't just promote your book like a sidewalk hawker around here. You should write Hubs about what interests you. Obviously, you are interested in God's kingdom, prophesy, and salvation. Write about those things in a self contained article we call a hub. Add some links to pertinent sites. Put up a video and some photos. You already know how. Make it engaging.

    If you want to peddle the book, do it from your profile. No problem. The Hub should be able to stand on it's own like a magazine article, not an ad for something. Some people write about cactus and sell tweezers, but they do it through an Amazon or Ebay capsule. Is your book on Amazon?

    I have some wisdom from above for you. Be creative and quit moaning. Work the gig, You have a book to sell!

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    LucidDreamsposted 6 years ago

    As WD said, writing some hubs here is an excellent way for people to get to KNOW WHO YOU ARE! It is also a good way to get information out to the public who may be interested in your style.

    Most on Hubpages like writing and many use this skill to do some promoting at the same time. It really does a dis-service though to just hang a banner and say "read my book" to learn more. If you are as creative and deep as I hope you are, your writing would probably be very enjoyable and would certainly be a suitable way to reach people.

    I wish you luck, and look forward to getting to know you and your writing style.

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