Do you have a Communication Problem?

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    victorcourvilleposted 8 years ago

    “Hey”, Friends…
    I,ve been having this thought in my mind and heart for a while and wanted to share with you guys.We all seem to have this problem from time to time, “Communication”. We see this happening in the political society,in marriage relationships, and also at our jobs, even in the social network community as well. I believe we have our priorities all wrong,and that is just my opinion and we all have the right for our opinions and we are also suppose to have a Freedom of Speech. I,m a Godly Man and I see myself failing in some of these issues as well. So, I just wanted to share with you for a little while about how I feel about the matter. I myself try to always put God first, and then my wife and family, and then my job and other people. We need to understand that if we donnot put these in the right categories we will probably become selfish and never realize it. Our relationships really need attention at its best, because we can really get caught up in our own thoughts and selfish motives easily. We need not only to have a “Mindset”, but we also need to have feelings about other people in our lives. A Relationship with others should mean a deep concern to our being, we need to also “listen” and understand that some people in our lives may be more sensitive than us. So, we can all try to work hard at our abilities each day to strive and become a better person and then we will find ourselves within. Every person in this world has a spirit within, and God Created us that way and we just need to find ourselves. God is a Spirit and that is why we fail to communicate with Him, because we fail to see the balance we need in life. Just like everything else in life, if we eat moderately we can probably lose weight in our bodies.I believe it is really common sense, if we really look at all the things we do foolishly everyday is part of Growth and Maturity.We also can learn from our mistakes if we just pause for a few minutes a day and wake up to our flaws and just get into a meditating mode and then we probably would get a grip within the depths of our Hearts. So, we can all become all that we can be if we just “Pause” for a moment and be Thankful and know that we are “Blessed”. Ok! My friends I just thought I,d share a little with you guys and let you know that we can have better Relationships if we try harder each day, and I Love you guys and Hope the Best in all our Journey to having a Better Social Network Community if we put our Hearts and Minds in a good Balance and then our Strategies will become even better for our Businesses. Well, let s get out there and do our Best and be Prosperous in our Future days in Growth…because 2010 is just around the corner, and we can make a difference for everybody that comes into this type of Business ..Internet Marketing. To all of your Success…Victor Courville….<snipped - do not post links in the forums>

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      pioneer_writer5posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I agree about the importance of communication. It is the backbone of every relationship. God created us to be communicative social creatures. We, therefore have an inherent need to have relationships. Whenever, a dysfunction occurs within a relationship it affects our communication and disrupts our contentment. May we always follow God's example and listen to those we love because listening is the most important part of communication.

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    bpo-outsourcingposted 8 years ago

    Absolutely, we all need to have balance in our life and set priorities as well. smile