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Should we choose a job that we love Or take a job where money is and do the lov

  1. ksknair profile image81
    ksknairposted 5 years ago

    Should we choose a job that we love  Or take a job where money is and do the loved job as a hobby?

    Decision on career path: It is worth choosing a job that we love and wait for money to follow Or find a balancing act between the "loved" job and "money" job? ( The job where money is to be taken as career and the job where our passion is, to be taken as a hobby)

  2. iamageniuster profile image75
    iamageniusterposted 5 years ago

    If the job that we love doesn't pay us enough, then it's better to take the latter route. But if the job we love does pay decent, then improve on that job and get paid better while doing what we love at the same time.

  3. Shushanik profile image92
    Shushanikposted 5 years ago

    In any case, you shouldn't choose the job that you hate... My opinion is that you can choose something you like (not necessarily LOVE) or something that is related to the "loved" job.

  4. golfcart34 profile image76
    golfcart34posted 5 years ago

    My personal mantra is that I would rather be paid less for doing a job I love than paid more for a job I hate.  My last job paid well, but I was miserable there.  As long as I can pay my bills and have a bit extra left over I'm happy.

  5. anusujith profile image78
    anusujithposted 5 years ago

    we should choose a job that we love, so we get satisfaction. we all are trying to get satisfaction  and peace in life.

  6. abhijeet4800 profile image81
    abhijeet4800posted 4 years ago

    It totally depends upon your requirement and age. As we progress in life, our requirement changes, for a fresh college graduate, money is more important than anything else. For him/her, ability to make out money from any source is possible and where they find it more, they pursue the career. Very less often, it happens that teenagers are  given a chance to follow their own dreams, as in India, the whole career option thing is very much decided by peer pressure. For example: In case, you wish to become a poet, neither your parents nor your friends will suggest you to pursue a career like that. You will be asked to pursue a degree in Technology and thereafter start a career and flourish and after all this, in case you are still passionate about poetry, then you can do something about it. Here the problem is, after you settle down your career in one stream, it is really difficult to start afresh even part time for something else. It totally depends upon your determination if you can pursue your career, from the day you pass out from school.

    After explaining all this, lets come back to your question, one needs to follow their dreams and choose that they love, as after some initial years of struggle money will follow sooner or later. In case, one has enough patience to sustain or go through the struggle phase then follow the dreams else go for the job that fetches more money.

    Simple isn't it?????

  7. SanaSharif profile image78
    SanaSharifposted 24 months ago

    It actually completely depends on us. We can even create money while doing our loved job. In fact, It's more good to select a subject you care about and your passion can be an alternative career path for you. People even follow their dreams and earn handsome money through their passion.
    One more thing, you can earn money doing any job then why don't the perfect one you're passionate about. It works!
    It just need commitment, patience and hard work. Success will definitely come!