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How do you transition from being a stay-at-home parent to the gainfully employed

  1. lisasuniquevoice profile image77
    lisasuniquevoiceposted 5 years ago

    How do you transition from being a stay-at-home parent to the gainfully employed?


  2. onceuponatime66 profile image59
    onceuponatime66posted 5 years ago

    This is not easy to do. 
    First decided what you want to do.
    Then Create a vision board with magazine cut outs.

    Then Apply for jobs.

  3. eelo profile image60
    eeloposted 5 years ago

    I've never been a stay-at-home parent, but I've transitioned from working from home to corporate gigs on a few occasions.  From personal experience, I'd avoid shocking your system too much.  Avoid jumping into a fast-paced, long-hours, high-stress environment.

    If an option, maybe try to find some part-time or contract work to start out.  Also, try to train yourself for the transition by setting a mandatory work hours schedule, if you don't already have one.  Schedule 9-5 type hours that you will focus on finding a new job or working on something specific like hubbing or whatever.  Good Luck!!!

  4. Sri T profile image81
    Sri Tposted 5 years ago

    Choose a career that you would enjoy that is in demand. Get training or choose a company that will train you. Search the internet for the right position. Don't worry about your past. People enter the workforce from all kinds of backgrounds. If they like you, they will hire you. It's that simple. Work on selling yourself and your ideas, how you can help the organization. People tend to hire people they like so have a pleasing personality. Actually it can be easy. It is a matter of connecting with the right company.