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Customer Service..is it providing a service or is it providing a experience?

  1. tdebrick profile image60
    tdebrickposted 3 years ago

    Customer Service..is it providing a service or     is it providing a experience?

    I believe customer service is providing a experience to the customer which includes service. I have come across where people think it's just providing the customer with the service they requested nothing more and sometimes less.

  2. donnatru profile image75
    donnatruposted 3 years ago

    Customer service is providing a service. Excellent customer service is providing the best service with a good experience so customers return and the business you work for in customer service will stay in business and therefor job security.

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      sheilamyersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      This is what I was going to say so I won't repeat it. Great answer!

  3. Sri T profile image81
    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Ideally, its both. Not everyone can maintain a positive attitude with a hundred or a thousand people every day. They will meet all kinds of people from friendly with manners to mean or rude with no manners. Some detachment may be required. There are ways to remain professional but not everyone will. Those people become like zombies to everybody and just do the transaction. It's amazing that they still have the job or even better just change careers if they are fed up with people and their difficult personality issues.