Have you ever been micromanaged before?

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  1. hellovictoria profile image97
    hellovictoriaposted 4 years ago

    Have you ever been micromanaged before?

    How did the micromanagement impact your daily work? What kind of Micromanagement was it?

  2. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 4 years ago

    victoria....The very closest I have ever experienced any degree of "micromanagement" in my entire 43-yr career history, is right here at Hubpages.
    It's a long haul, getting through all the rules, regulations, obstacles, changes & constant monitoring and supervision of someone "out there" constantly over our shoulder...as though we are undisciplined children or untrustworthy inmates. 
    There is a bit of interaction on Mgmnt part, in an effort to "help the writers understand" that the endless rules& changes & nearly non-existent compensation are the fault of some company...somewhere...who holds the money.
    In micromanaging, as can be witnessed....in order to justify such confinement of civil rights, there has to be an entire pass-the-buck- establishment created. Forms of punishment must also be instated.
    He who has the gold, makes, enforces and CHANGES the rules at will. Writers must be humble, grateful and most of all, silent.
    Micromanaging might almost be tolerable were it fair, equal and consistent. However, it clearly is not & never is. This can be confirmed by a multitude of writers who have suffered discipline, humiliation and loss of privileges and even banning based on several unfair practices. (As in believing one person over another without proof and doing no serious investigation.) Most of them have reached saturation points of disgust and left HP... Some of our best talent.
    In micromanagement those in charge are allowed the freedom to cherry pick, because....well, because they give themselves permission...and there's no one in charge of them/above them, to tell them they must be fair.Therefore they, much like policemen, are allowed to LIE, to make certain what they claim is the only truth. They may also completely ignore/dismiss facts that have been brought before them and proven. This is all part of micromanaging.  All-encompassing power.

    In micromanaging, the freedom to be oppressive is rampant. The Owners/mgmnt may expect the little people to accept all suggestion, follow all rules to the letter, award & delete accolades at will.giving no reason and/or explanation to writer.
    Example: if you have achieved the impressive number of nearly 80 BEST ANSWERS for Q&A.....a micro manager is not so "micro" at that time. He may acknowledge partial credit( 50 BEST ans only) as opposed to the actual #.
    Best definition of Micromanaging:  The result of Corporate Paranoia and CYA.   Very excellent question, Vicoria!

  3. Penny G profile image70
    Penny Gposted 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I work for state government and they micromanage us to the breaking point. We can't think for ourselves, make any decisions , they even tell us what to say and think. I can't wait to retire.

    1. gmwilliams profile image82
      gmwilliamsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Ah ha, tell ME about it.  Rules and regulations ad infinitum, killed the joy of work.  The government in all its forms MUST go.  The bureaucracy is indeed psychologically stifling to say the VERY LEAST!

    2. Penny G profile image70
      Penny Gposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I have worked for the Department of Corrections for 17 years and I have had about enough. Stress leave may be in order soon I'm afraid.


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