Dealing with an Abusive boss

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    SassyBoots2017posted 14 months ago

    Dealing with an Abusive boss

    I work in a medium sized office where the Company Director is a woman who joined the company a few years ago seeming like she was a not bad sort.  Over the years, she has gone and turned into a totally different person. With the increase in her position and power, she has become rude, abusive, backstabbing, demoralizing, unprofessional, and just plain MEAN. She is an awful human being to work for. She is, however, now the company Director. She needs to be disciplined for her behavior. Who can I complain to? Should I write an anonymous complaint to the Board of Directors?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Short of discussing it with Human Resources or ethics, there isn't much you can do except find a job in the company that minimizes contact with her or a job somewhere else.