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Writing 100 Hubs on - A Milestone

Updated on November 7, 2014

My goal for writing on was to write 100 hubs before assessing the value of the experience. Here I am, finally, and my 100th hub is posted on It's a major milestone for this newbie writer.

I have been anticipating this for several days, and wanted to write some worthy, profound, thought-provoking hub full of prose and synergy. The stress was more than I could have imagined. Writing your 100th hub doesn't happen every day and the burden of writing something amazing was heavy. Finally, in the wee hours this morning, I had to face reality. My 100th hub on HubPages will not change the world. It will not be deeply insightful, philosophical, or, have any lasting affect on our planet or mankind. I can only hope that it will convey my sincere gratitude to the staff of HP and, to all the incredibly talented writers and friends I have met in the four short months I've been here.

My journey

Four months ago, while surfing the Internet to look for a way to make some money on line, I stumbled across a link to HP. I had recently exchanged some emails with the editor of another "content writing" site and thought that I might have enough interest to develop my very juvenile and primitive writing skills. With nothing but time on my hands, I signed up for an HP account and began exploring The Learning Center. A world of opportunity and possibility unfolded.

I've never been one to read the directions first so without really knowing where I was headed, I clicked on "start a new hub". Nothing there was too intimidating but the first prompt stopped me in my tracks. What in the hell was I doing here? I'm no expert on anything. I couldn't even think of a creative title so I sat staring at the screen wondering if I should just back out. Now, I'm not one to give up easily and I never want to admit that I can't do something. It occurred to me that I was a stranger in this place; that no one knew me; and, that I had created a user id that was so generic that I should at least try this once. So instead of thinking about presenting myself as an expert, I decided to write about something I loved and include a disclaimer.

My first Hub was titled "Family History - Tips for the New Researcher"and the first words I typed in the text capsule were "Disclaimer". Where was my brave, bold self? She had vanished - poof! Once she stuck her toe into this world of writing, she turned into the proverbial shrinking violet. Had I known then what I know now, I would have used "shrinkingviolet" as my user id.

I want to talk about the user id for just a minute. As a newbie, I had no idea when I created my account that I was walking into more than just a writer's technical world. My most significant regret, as I look back, is that I did not choose an identifier that spoke to who I am. I wish my user id told you something about me, the real person. But no, I was so concerned about disguising my identity, that I created a user account id that says nothing about "me". Who and what the hell is an "lrc7815" anyway? Was that an indicator of my level of creativity? Egads!

Oh how I wish I had the ability to be as creative as those I've met like picklesandrufus, MizBejabbers, badegg, bravewarrior, or billybuc. Why couldn't I come up with a some esoteric user id such as My Esoteric, jeannieinabottle, or CloudExplorer. What was I doing here? I didn't even have the courage or boldness to use my real name like Wayne Brown or Phyllis Doyle. If choosing a user id was any indication of my creative writing skill, I was really in trouble.

The three C's; Compassion, Care, and Challenge

For someone like me who has never published more than a letter to the editor of a local paper, or an article or two in the newsletter of a non-profit organization, stepping into the world of Hub Pages was daunting. my surprise, the community of hubbers and the staff here have offered me Compassion, Care, and best of all, Challenges. In only four short months I have been made to feel welcome. Each of you that I have encountered, whether it was staff or another writer, have opened your heart to me and held my hand as I stuck my toes in the water of the world of writing. I have found pure joy in reading your hubs and comments, and in building relationships around a shared passion. I have found a home here and as powerful as the written word is, it cannot adequately express my gratitude to each of you. In my humble, and somewhat inexperienced opinion, you are the best of the best and I say to you, from my heart, thank you.

The Future

I may never become a great writer but my experience here on HP has been worth the risk of embarrassing myself. To be associated with such grace and class, as I have witnessed here on HP has humbled me. If you have not been able to make me a great writer, rest assured that you have gifted me with something even better - the inspiration to be a better human being.

I will keep writing, because there is a fire in me that won't be squelched by the fear of a little humiliation. My dream is to grow; to be a voice in righting the wrongs of our universe and to do it with grace and humility. I hope that I can offer the same encouragement to future new hubbers as all of you here have given me. I could not have achieved the milestone of 100 hubs without you. You are my inspiration!

Now, tomorrow, I will attempt to write hub #101. Thank you for allowing me to step outside the world of the profound for today and wallow in my pure, unadulterated gratitude!

Your friend and fellow hubber,

Linda Crist

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© 2012 Linda Crist


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