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101 Cool Things To Do For Bloggers

Updated on August 18, 2013

101 Things To Do

There are times when I go through a writer's block and I don't write anything at all. But even then I will be surfing the net, reading posts, think of something to write, etc. As a Hubber and a blogger I find ways to keep myself busy. Browsing the forum is a good way to keep abreast of things happening here. I have compiled a list that any hubber or blogger can do to keep themselves engaged. I hope you will like this things to do list, and help you in your hubbing and blogging activities.

Things to do!
Things to do!

51. Post a new series of blog posts.

52. Request for inclusion your blog in a blog review site.

53. Read through the backlog your favorite hubbers' articles.

54. Read through the backlog of feed subscriptions.

55. Read articles outside your niche today.

56. Remove useless badges on your blog.

57. Remove unused categories.

58. Read an ebook on your computer.

59. Start following someone on twitter.

60. Send a friendly email to a fellow Hubber today.

61. Sign up for an affiliate program.

62. Submit a guest post to a popular blog.

63. Shop at ebay.

64. Submit your RSS feed to a few directories.

65. Submit your blog to for evaluation.

66. Shop for Entrecard items through their marketplace.

67. Submit your articles to some the search engines.

68. Stumble other sites, and write reviews.

69. Sign up for Plime.

70. Submit a sitemap to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

71. Search for your articles in Google.

72. Setup a profile for yourself to network your blog on a social network.

73. Sign up for Google Analytics.

74. Seek advice on your article's quality.

75. Stretch your imaginations by creating an innovative idea for getting more traffic.

76. Search the question bank for something that you can write about.

77. Seek advice from old Hubbers.

78. Thank your article readers.

79. Try out a new article submission site today.

80. Try a new meme you haven’t seen on any other blogs.

81. Take some time to learn SEO skills.

82. Try out new blog networks to increase readership.

83. Tell someone in the offline world about Hubbing.

84. Teach someone the basics of your profession.

85. Try to build a huge readership.

86. Think of a striking tagline for your blog.

87. Try to understand common internet phrases, if you don't already.

88. Think of a free gift for your fellow bloggers and hubbers.

89. Try out a new template on your blog.

90. Update your keywords and title tags.

91. Write about the free online services your enjoy.

92. Write a constructive profile page.

93. Write a recommendation for a blog you like.

94. Write an ebook chapter on what you know.

95. Write keyword rich content.

96. Write a list of 100 things to inspire others.

97. Write an extra blog post today.

98. Write an article that will help others.

99. Write an article that reveals a little about you personally.

100. Get a High PR Backlink for your article.

101. Forget all the things mentioned so far. Think of something new for yourself. :) All the best to you

101 Things To Do List

1. Add useful information to your sidebar. Here at HubPages you can use the various capsules to get this result.

2. Add a line to your article so that the readers are reminded to subscribe to your articles.

3. Backup your articles. Not all sites will stay up forever.

4. Buy some exposure with Google Adwords. You will get targeted traffic.

5. Buy some ads from popular blogs on Entrecard.

6. Boost your understanding of grammar. Some people are turned off by bad grammar.

7. Buy a keyword on OneBuckWiki.

8. Backup your WordPress blog to your local hard disc.

9. Create a custom 404 page for your blog.

10. Check old articles for 'smelling pistakes'.

11. Create a MyBlogLog account.

12. Create an avatar that reflects your outlook.

13. Create a poll. Currently we don't have this feature here. But you can do it on your blogs.

14. Create a contest for your friends and visitors.

15. Check your site traffic. Observe the trends.

16. Cleanup your article categories. Group them in interesting categories.

17. Comment on an article today.

18. Create an article posting schedule.

19. Decide on the budgetfor your blog.

20. Design a custom business card for offline marketing your blog.

21. Design a new logo for your blog.

22. Drop some fan mail on your favorite hubber's profile.

23. Drive traffic to your blog by writing on a controversial subject.

24. Digg an article.

25. Do something for someone else.

26. Exercise while blogging.

27. Explore a new site.

28. Explore new browser toolbars.

29. Enter a contest to get more exposure.

30. Encourage your readers to leave comments.

31. Explore other money making opportunities online.

32. Find a cheaper web hosting service.

33. Follow everyone on Twitter who follows you.

34. Give a shout out to a hubber who has helped you recently.

35. Give a compliment to a new hubber.

36. Go through your own archives to reinvent your blog purpose.

37. Increase your backlink numbers by commenting on do follow blogs.

38. Improve your traffic by getting Dugg.

39. Install a helpful plugin for your WordPress blog.

40. Install the Do Follow plugin for comments.

41. If you can afford it, buy a banner ad on a popular blog.

42. Join mySpace.

43. Learn how to freelance like a rockstar.

44. Learn about writing headlines.

45. Learn to make money online.

46. Learn new ways to increase your RSS subscribers.

47. Learn about your article’s secret life after publishing.

48. Monetize your blog in a new way.

49. Offer a prize for the top commenter on your blog for a month.

50. Plan a new blog for next year.


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