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An Invitation To A Crime- A Hubnugget Party Part I

Updated on March 23, 2014

It was a hot and sticky morning....

although the hour was early, the bright sun was up and there was almost one hundred percent humidity in the air, and yet there was no rain in sight. Days and days had passed since Spring had Sprung and still there had not been any rain for sometime.

I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the Local that was to take me to my destination. My home, my soft, cozy bed and away from all the nonsense that had occurred just 48 hours earlier. Normally I would drive myself but my car was in the shop getting serviced and I hadn’t had a chance to pick it up, because I had been distracted by a certain situation that had occurred earlier in the week.

48 Hours Earlier In Ladyjane's kitchen with the hubnugget team.

Ladyjane1: So Simone how do the nominations look this week?

Simone: Oh quite good the categories this week are:

Books, Literature and Writing

Education and Science

Gender and Relationships

Patty: Wonderful, the hubnuggets get better with each passing week.

KKG- Its always hard to pick a favorite.

Ennelle- By the way, I received this weird invitation for a dinner party at the old Hollister house. Did anyone else get one?

RedElf:Yes I got one too!

Maddie: I got one and I thought it was weird as well.

Patty: I got one and I was delighted because I have always wanted to see the inside of that relic. Its for Friday night.

Ladyjane1: I haven’t checked my mail, but I’m almost certain that there is an invitation for me, you see that’s the house where I grew up with my twin sister, But that house has been sold years ago and I never knew the new owner, why would I get an invitation to a dinner party at the Hollister house now? And by whom? (Ominous organ music here)

I was nervous and distracted and managed to get through the rest of our hubnugget meeting. After everyone cleared out I decided to check my mail box. I walked outside and noticed the air was still and stifling and everything was so quiet, Like a scene from a Hitchcock movie. I opened the mail box and rummaged through my mail and there it was. At the very bottom was this bright pink and black envelope and that was when I knew. My twin sister! Lady Gaga= I knew it was her because those are her signature colors, she always wore pink and black since she was able to walk. My palms were sweaty opening up the envelope, the invitation was creepy yes but clear and straight to the point, But I knew this particular invitation was only for my eyes. It read.

Jane Jane come out to play

leave your work for another day

Come to our fathers house so old

and walk the large staircase that told

of all the time you laughed and sang

with your angelic voice it rang

Memories we shall bring forth there

Come Ladyjane, come if you dare!

Rats! What the heck does my sister want from me? It has not been that long ago that she stole the hubnuggets and went to jail. It also hasn’t been that long since she took over my identity for weeks. WHAT NOW?

I thought and thought, and decide I had to go, at least the rest of the hubnugget team would be there to protect me. But still it will be so depressing to see our old house again. Yes, my name was Ladyjane Hollister but that was a long time ago, I cringed at the thought of seeing Daddy's huge portrait in the foyer, so cheesy, but then daddy was cheesy; who else but Mr. Wolfgang Hollister would name his twin girls LadyJane and LadyGaga? Oh how droll his sense of humor was.

I gathered my thoughts and started making plans for Friday night. What the heck shall I wear? My sister always seems to try and show me up, since she became famous she has a plethora of clothes and a walk in closet with so many get ups it should be considered a sin. I wonder what Gaga will be wearing? Something goes ch no doubt, maybe something made out of meat, ha ha. Sh is so tacky but no matter what she wears she wont look half as good as I in my cocktail hat and little white gloves. She would kill to have my style. (Focus Jane Focus)

As I was mentally putting my wardrobe together in my mind, the phone rang and gave me a start. Hello, I said, and then I heard a mans voice announce that Miss LadyGaga was on the line for me. Wow! She thinks she's royalty or something, I waited to hear that throaty, a pack of cigarettes a day sounding crackling voice of hers, and finally she said, :hello sister”. Gagagaga, how are you? Gagagaga! I said, “I’m fine sister, but must you still say gaga after everything you say, Haven’t you learned a vocabulary yet? “ oh sister still with the sense of humor, anyway Jane, just wanted to make sure you will be at the old mans house this Friday, where the games shall begin. “What games are you up to Gaga I say”? “I don’t trust you fro a minute and the only reason Im going is to keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t try to hurt any of the hubnuggeeters or the hubnuggets”.

“Oh calm down Jane, its going to be a blast. A blast from the past you might say! I plan on serving you and your friends a great dinner and giving you front row seats to watch me put on a show that you wont forget”.

By the way Jane, how are those hubnuggets this week? Any good topics? I say, yes there are some great categories and hubs but that is not your concern. And by the way, why the old Hollister house? Why now? Gaga cleared her voice and said, “I have always loved that old house Jane, you know that, and besides, that’s where it all started for Ladyjane and LadyGaga, so its so fitting that....oh never mind, see you at the party Jane, and don’t forget to wear your signature pearls”. I told her that I would be there with bells on and hung up the phone.

The next couple of days were excruciating trying to figure out my sisters intentions and the little clues she gave Hollister house, where it all began! It was driving me crazy, but what else could I do but wait. In the meantime the hubnuggets were all accounted for and ready to be voted on, and that took my mind off of things...but oh my mind kept reverting back to my sisters words...what does she have in store for the team and I? What indeed?

Which one of this week's Books, Literature, and Writing nominees is your favorite?

  • 6% Five Really Lame Marvel Villains
  • 9% The experiences of a lifetime InSpyre Sci-Fi, Fantasy Author Susan Dean: Rise of the Spyres
  • 5% A Mother's Book Review: A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard
  • 65% Letter Writing: Do people write letters anymore?
  • 6% It's a Jungle Out There
  • 9% The Easy Way to Write a Short Summary
81 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Which one of this week's Education and Science nominees is your favorite?

  • 12% John Bowlby and Attachment Theory
  • 10% Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines-- A Kid Traveling with Hippie Parent
  • 52% The Danger of False Memory - A Psychological Review
  • 10% Teacher Traits: They Don't Tell You
  • 10% River Raisin National Battlefield Park
  • 7% The Greek Tragedy Writers
42 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Which one of this week's Gender and Relationships nominees is your favorite?

  • 17% What You Forgot to Put on Your Wedding Registry
  • 24% Top Eight Characteristics of Fake People
  • 22% Tips for a Successful Marriage: Treat your Husband more like your Dog
  • 20% To Cohabitate Or Not To Cohabitate
  • 2% 7 Most Unusual Wedding Toppers
  • 15% How to Know if Someone is Interested in You.
46 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

To All The Wannabes Out There

To All The Wannabe Hubbers Out There

The Hubnugget program is a great way to start your hubbing career. It’s a great way to get noticed and get to know lots of fellow hubbers out there; after all, one of the reasons you have joined Hubpages is to get read by others.

When you are nominated by the Hubnugget team then it’s a great idea to start promoting it, such as telling all your family and friends to read and vote for your hub. Feel proud that you are part of that Elite group of people that have been nominated. Many of which are very successful here on Hubpages.


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