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How to Make a Hot Hub Online

Updated on September 4, 2012

How to make a Hub "Hot"

The question all of us may have asked is “What makes a hub hot”? Yes, I realize that you can go to the learning center and get a text book answer of what clarifies as “Hot”. But, today we are going to attempt to figure out how to make a “Hot” Hub.

My first question I asked myself was; “Does content matter”? The answer I came up with was no. Now, some things naturally do generate more traffic which will increase your chances of being “Hot”. But, you can go look at the list of “Hot Hubs” and see that topics range from Mechanics, to Food, To Money and all those in-between. But, despite this fact, all of these Hubs have something in common which we will now go over.

1) A majority of the Hubs are 1,000+ words. Why does this matter you may ask? Well a quality hub is one that captures the reader’s attention. Most are also very engaging be it changing the oil, or about cooking spam. When Hubs are longer in length they tend to be more detailed, the extra length also offers more time that the readers will get engaged into the topic. Now just because your Hub is long doesn’t mean it will be a hit from the start.

2) It is sad to say that I have been a victim to read a bad hub. They may be long or short, but either way they don’t make the “Hot” list. This transitions us to the next point, “Hot” Hubs are quality Hubs. The writers who write these Hubs focus on the quality of their content. They are able to bring life and color into something that may be boring and gray to the rest. Now, I have read many great hubs that have seen little attention which brings us to point number 3.

3) Popularity, most of these authors have been on hub pages awhile. They have written many Hubs and have a prominent amount of followers. This helps them to generate traffic which can make the initial difference between a new Hubber with a good article and theirs. What had actually led me on this endeavor was when I came across “Ten Things Women Do Not Like About Men” by Vinaya Ghimire. It is a great article and offered personal experiences by woman. Needless to say, I had written a similar article “Things men do that piss off women” which may have been good but lacked the same attention. The way to counter this if you are new in the community is by participating and speaking out. Leaving comments, and answering questions will sure help.

4) Maturity, Just because your Hub isn’t “Hot” when you first write it doesn’t mean it won’t get there. Some Hubs become popular after just a few days while some become popular after a year of publishing. Patience is the key, but as I stated above “author popularity” helps out tremendously.

5) You should try to write in a way that is engaging the reader. They are more likely to comment and give you helpful feedback. One thing I had noticed about “Hot” Hubs is that the author frequently comments to the replies in their own hub. It seems to attract more attention with an increase in comments. One way you can help engage readers to participate is by responding to their feedback in the comments.

6) Hub Score, Hub Score seems to reflect a good Hub. But, the Hub is what makes the score so it is truly a symbiotic relationship. It helps you be noticed, yet, a good article is needed to achieve the score. This is why quality and popularity is what determines what is “Hot” and “Best”

A question you may ask is; “Why should I care if my Hub is “Hot”. It is no secret that the “Hot” and best receive more attention. It is equivalent to getting your house advertised on the top of a realty website. It attracts more attention and for those that are trying to make money online, this could mean everything. Now you know what makes a Hub “Hot” and how to tailor your hubs to make that list. Remember, “Quality is King”.


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