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HubPages Subdomain Update

Updated on December 19, 2015

How has the subdomain affected my rankings?

The good news is that my older hubs remained strong with their rankings just as they were before the whole switch the subdomain because of Google Panda. I've already discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly. But back then it was all just speculation and theories and things that I was expecting. Now, it's more of empirical data. I know it hasn't been a long time yet since the switch and I could be just being paranoid and impatient.

I've just been blogging like crazy (well compared to before) and I just feel that now that I'm working a lot on things it's like I'm not being rewarded compared to before when I wouldn't really write that much and my HubPages articles won't really focus so much on quality and have like very little content and I was being rewarded with rankings and traffic.

There's just something very wrong and crazy about the new algorithm update. If it doesn't change by mid september (that would ideally be the end of my HubPages 30-day Challenge), I might actually give up on writing on HubPages and instead just rely on the stuff I've had here that successfully landed rankings on search engines for passive income (maybe backlink from time to time).

It's just so crazy cause we don't even know if backlinks or keywords are still considered nowadays (well, ideally of course it still will). It's just that I've been reading a lot of rumors. Supposedly they check on social media influence as well (like how many times it is shared on different social media sites). But then again that's just one speculation. Before, I would just post my personal blog posts on my Facebook or Twitter but now I'm really posting everything I put here in HubPages and whatever else content I put on the internet universe.

Google Panda
Google Panda
HubPages gets hit by Google Panda
HubPages gets hit by Google Panda

HubPages and Google AdSense Policies

Then I learned that I can get banned for posting screenshots of my earnings which was kind of the point of my other blog where I talk about different SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques that I most of the time make up and I gain credibility by putting up screenshots of my page impressions and my earnings. Of course, I had to take all the screenshots out.

Now I have to think of new ways to make my made up techniques and strategies to get credibility Don't get me wrong though because my unconventional methods work! Well, most of them isn't really unconventional but typical like backlinks and keyword search but also there's that unique twist I give it of course.

I'm thinking I should start making video tutorials as well. I should get Adobe Captivate it's supposedly really good for screencasts or capturing the screen's output on video plus other neat stuff like authoring. Adobe's a brand I can trust when it comes to those stuff. In spite of cloud apps their brand still seem to provide high quality and industry standard stuff. Maybe tackle stuff like applying for Google AdSense and other similar stuff. I mean, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding how to get AdSense and honestly I don't know exactly how to help them so I really have to research on that as well (Google's really trying to be very discerning nowadays, I guess).

That's just one idea of course and that takes a lot of work. Right now I just need to focus on keywords and try to rank as much as I can. Past few days I actually wrote a bunch of stuff that I think are good "test runs" to see the rank power of the new subdomain, something I've been wary about and have been comparing to blogger's subdomain.

Google Panda eating Bamboo
Google Panda eating Bamboo

HubPages 30-day Challenge Update

I guess it's a good thing that I'm being very impatient with writing because it makes me write a lot here on HubPages although it seems I need to write some more. Everywhere I go and in every thing I do the first thing I think of is how I can blog about it. It makes me a faster writer and slowly I am able to do that without sacrificing much quality. That's one important skill I need to have since I am going against people who are backed by an army of bloggers.

So far I've gotten very little traffic and rankings from the posts I've been writing lately. There's still time, I'm sure. Many of my articles took weeks or months even before they got indexed to their rightful place. I'm just really not understand Google's algorithm right now and why it is prioritizing less quality articles of mine. It just makes no sense at all.

I have two main plans, one I've already enacted, and that is to write articles with very minimal backlinks to other Hubs or ariticles or blogs of mine unlike above as you can see. Too much linking is most likely bad and Google, of course, will recognize this. It's sort of the same concept as keyword stuffing, I guess. Then the second is to start a backlinking campaign. The plan is to simulate the army of bloggers using only my crazy brain. I don't know if I'll make it out of that plan alive though but ideally that's how you get PageRank so if it's the bitter medicine that will repel the panda then so be it.

Right now, another thing hindering my plans is this whole pressure of having to look for work. If it wasn't for the weather making me sick and the beach plans I have this weekend, I'd probably be going around already for interviews or whatever. I'm not really annoyed at the interviews per se but more of on how it is hindering my plans. So there goes the backlinking campaign if ever.

Google AdSense Earnings
Google AdSense Earnings

HubPages Goals

I'm sure you've seen the success stories in the front page of HubPages of people who make up to 1000 dollars a month or more just by writing here on HubPages. Of course that would be super epic. Right now, I'm just at 1 to 2 dollars a day just as I explained before on why it isn't all about page views. I have already increased my traffic significantly. You'd be surprised how many views I get per month on average right now. It's just too bad I can't post a screenshot of it (weirdest policy ever).

The immediate goal is of course to reach 10 dollars a day just so I can justify that I am earnings more than the minimum wage here in the Philippines. At my rate, it seems very hard, but I am determined and I will find a way. I don't even understand how those people at the success stories are doing it. And it's mostly all on Google AdSense even if they joined other affiliate marketing programs like Amazon or whatever.

But then how do I do that? Plus, I'm wary that getting high earnings will make me show up more on Google AdSense's police people who check for policy breaches and was thinking that the reason why I wasn't reprimanded for old mistakes was because I'm still in the lower bracket of earners. I mean what's a few Benjamins they give away to me compared to the 9 billion dollars a year and growing they earn specifically on AdSense alone!

And so I am left with three main choices for my plans. Should I:

  • Go to the Bermuda Triangle, travel back in time when Google AdSense wasn't very strict and before people got to rank for really good spots like being billionaires just for owning "" or something stupid like that.


  • Join the Freemasons, learn all their secrets, become a 33rd degree super ultimate master, have access to the secret pillars of knowledge and the holy grail and become the most powerful person in the universe.


  • Infiltrate KFC, climb the corporate ladder until I am given access to learn their secret recipe.

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