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What is the quickest and easiest way to locate followers on Hubpages?

I like to follow-in-kind when someone follows me. I think it's a nice gesture so long as we have at least something in common. I find it difficult, however, to locate my followers so that I can extend that courtesy. I currently have to sift through all my followers (which are not alphabetized) in order to find them. Or be sure to retain my email notification that I have a new follower and then later look them up via search. Does anyone know a better way?

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sheilamyers says

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4 years ago
  • alahiker28 profile image

    Vicki Parker (alahiker28) 4 years ago

    I SOOO wished that followers remained on the Activity log like they used to. It was so easy then just to look them up when I had time to log in.