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Why are ads only placed below comments in my hubs?

I've had an adsense account for a few weeks and linked it to hubpges ad program, but I'm only seeing ads were added to my hubs below the comments at the very bottom of the page. When you edit your hubs, however, and go to "preview" you can see grayed out spaces that are "reserved for ad space" - after publishing, I'm not noticing that those gray spaces have had ads placed within the hub itself. Is this normal? Can someone help me understand? thanks!


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LindaSmith1 says

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3 years ago
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    WheelerWife 3 years ago

    hi LindaSmith1 - thanks for the feedback! I guess what I'm really wondering is why when in edit mode, does it have space reserved for ads throughout the hub, but then after publishing they only appear below the comments....?

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