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Cirque du HubNuggets

Updated on November 12, 2009

Everybody Love a Circus!

Last week, our resident jackalope, B.T. Evilpants reported to you live from the red carpet at the Palace Hotel. It was all glamour and glitz, very exciting but it's taken me days to get the teasing out of my beehive! So, this week, we're whisking you off to the big top! I can let my hair down, while enjoying the show.

What a show it is this week, too! Ten new HubNugget Wannabes performing for your entertainment. This isn't just a regular circus, though. Cirque du HubNuggets is an elite, one-of-a-kind performance that will never be repeated, so you're not going to want to miss a second of the action.

Check out the Wannabe talent, yourself. These hubbers have been practising hard and are ready to go all the way to the top, as you are about to see. Don't take your eyes off them or you may miss something.

So, grab yourself some cotton candy at the concession stand, get comfy and take in some entertaining hubs. Don't forget that the HubNuggets process is interactive. Cast a vote for your favourite Wannabe, using the poll below the nominees. The 5 hubbers who receive the most votes get some great extra exposure.

Thanks for visiting Cirque du HubNuggets. Enjoy the show!

Cirque du HubNuggets

We're a fancy circus!
We're a fancy circus!

In the Centre Ring

  • Shirley Anderson - That's me! HubNuggets Team Leader.

  • ProCW -Playwright, author, writing team site owner, actor, singer, graphics guy and more!

  • B.T. EvilPants - Great freelance writer, butter tart fiend and oh, so lovable!

  • Patty Inglish, MS - Great at EVERYTHING and one of the nicest ladies ever!

  • ripplemaker - HubNuggets' sweet, angelic cheerleader and HubMobile driver.

  • Ryan Hupfer - HubPages employee, newlywed & "Communicator of Awesomeness!"

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW

Tickets, Please

This isn't one of those carnivals where you see a bunch of clowns getting out of an Austin mini! This is a class act under the big top!  Ssh!  The ringleader is about to make an announcement.

Ladies and Gentleman, Kids of All Ages!

The Cirque du HubNuggets ringleader is proud to present the following HubNugget Wannabes. Each one has their own unique talent. Be prepared to be amazed and awestruck as they perform their death-defying hubbing.

We give you.....HubNugget Wannabes!      *lots of applause please*

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW

Voting Ring - This is where you get to participate in Cirque du HubNuggets!

You've read 'em, you love 'em, now pick just one if you dare! Vote for your favourite here, then come back on Wednesday to see who the top 5 winners are.

See results

Run Away and Join Our Circus - I Mean Cirque!

We love and welcome new writers
We love and welcome new writers

Fancy Yourself a Writing Performer?

If you like to write and we haven't scared you off with our silliness, then why not join us?  Sign up for your own HubPages account and be part of the fun!

Cirque du HubNuggets

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW

Believe it or not, there are circus products!


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