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Ebay Affiliate Program

  1. NC4Life078 profile image86
    NC4Life078posted 5 years ago

    I had signed up for the Ebay Affiliate Program about a week ago. It now says that the account is now active in my earnings page. But, I don't understand how you add the ebay items to your page. I checked all over hub pages for an answer and all have been deleted or no longer exist.

    I Google searched it and the best idea was signing into ebay. As you can see I had no luck as I am asking here, it said I didn't exist (Even in the affiliates log-in). If some one could inform me what to do, or perhaps it is automatic and hasn't posted to my page?

    The only article in the learning center I have found is: "How to sign up".

  2. 2uesday profile image80
    2uesdayposted 5 years ago

    Here is the Learning Center section on using the Ebay capsule.

    Not sure about the signing up bit as I do not use Ebay here.

  3. cryptid profile image97
    cryptidposted 5 years ago

    You don't have to sign in on eBay.  Once you are approved through HubPages all you have to do is add eBay capsules to your Hubs and choose keywords so it can pick items for you.  As the auctions end for those items, new ones will take their place.  Choose your keywords for your items carefully, and remember that some words have dual meanings. wink

    1. NC4Life078 profile image86
      NC4Life078posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank You! I had no idea it was a capsule in the edit section. It was the last place I would have thought to look.