Please do not Review My Hubs! I Don't Need a Human Review!

  1. pinappu profile image80
    pinappuposted 5 years ago

    Again one of my hubs is being unpublished by a staff or mod or somebody I do not know. They can unpublish any hub as they wish but the problem is I can not yet find out the mystery behind these.

    I do not think that all 3 of my hubs which was unpublished was that low standard or such grossly violating the rules of HP.

    For being afraid to make such an mod angry I have not given any outbound links or even any links to my other hubs in my latest hub. I have not even used any ebay capsule. Still, it is being unpublished for being "substandard" and "deceptive tags,title or category".

    I am sorry to say that I was unable to find out what was "substandard" about this hub and what "deceptive tags,title or category" was used in it.
    But this forum is not about this. My question to the staffs and mods of HP is that," Do I, as a writer has some right here on HubPages?"
    I think I have. I love hubpages and I am a part of it, a very, very small part but still a part.

    I have published 71 hubs till date ( 2 unpublished and under review now ). My hubs have generated 340,628 views till now. So, I am not a novice now. What do you think?
    I have a subdomain in hubpages and I have to think about keeping my brand value. I think I am capable of doing that without your staffs or mods reviews. So, my request to you that please leave me alone with my "substandard" hubs. You need visitors for survival and I shall give it to you.

    I shall not ever publish anything which is beyond my dignity and which will harm my authority in eyes of Google. I think I am now mature enough of doing this.
    Please do not take this as a offence and please do not delete this post before reading it completely.