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  1. jeffreydjm profile image77
    jeffreydjmposted 6 years ago

    Been on HubPages a while now and love the place! Enjoy writing about what's on my mind, what I'm interested in, teaching all my readers to do new things and especially making a somewhat small yet passive income on the side, but there is and always has been one thing that's stumped me for a while:

    'How do successful Hubbers pick seached-for topics to write about in order to organically increase traffic to their Hubs?'

    Been around the Learning Centre somewhat and I may be mistaken but there appears to be a rationale that writing on either currently trending or actively searched for information is a positive step towards more search engine traffic.

    The question remains though that with the seemingly endless amount of information available on the Internet today, how do you find the topic of choice for a lot of organic traffic?

    Personally, I've nearly always written about whatever I fancied, always tried my best to offer quality content to both the HP community and the rest of the Internet, to use some keywords and always included an image to see if that would increase my traffic but as of yet am currently and have been unable to generate any substantial amount of search engine traffic which I am quite disappointed about.

    1. janshares profile image95
      jansharesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Jeffrey,
      I've only been here for 4 weeks but I think you've answered your own questions. Your observations have presented a reality to me that I will note as well, as I continue to enjoy HP. One reality that you've enlightened here for me is that the internet is a BIG place, crawling with more than enough information than people need or could ever use. I would add that people, cyberspace, and trends are all fickle. Need for information speeds up in a nano second, then it stops. It seems to me then, that the only organic traffic that will remain constant is for cooks and students: somebody always needs a new recipe and students are always looking for info for research papers. Everything else is transient, "here today, gone tomorrow." So, the question is then, "Is organic traffic really meant to last?" Anyway, happy writing. Great topic.

      1. truebluewriter profile image62
        truebluewriterposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        There are actually a lot of things to write about that have decent searches if your looking to get into the more technical side of keyword research. Regardless of the topi you're in, you can find something. The whole research aspect actually takes more time than the writing for me since i like to make sure that i always target keywords that are worth it. But I mostly do this for my blogs though and only really write on hubpages about stuff I cant place anywhere else.

        Anyway, if you're interested in tools to help you narrow down search terms you can try the google keyword tool a try. hit the exact match search text box and you'll be given a table of keywords with global and local monthly searches. Play around with the filters and see what works for you. … WORD_IDEAS

        It isnt just keywords though and you have to look at the competition on the 1st page of google as well. in my opinion if you're interested in earning a decent amount from your writing here you're either going to have to learn SEO. That or you're going to have to write a LOT of hubs because that'll increase your chances of being searched for longtail terms that nobody else is targeting.

  2. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 6 years ago

    The Q and A forum has questions that can be used for making Hubs. HP also posts questions that are/may be in need of 'answers' and have recommended they be used for Hubs. I write in area's specific to what I know but my organic traffic is/has remains high though I don't get a lot in pay (probably because of my low promotion efforts wink ) lol I do research the keywords too though and also of competition sites lol I just enjoy writing when I do take or get the time, for it. One last note, regarding trends. I will usually look at the 'why' of it and figure out a topic within that perspective.


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