feeling blue

  1. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 5 years ago

    Allowing him to 'express' himself is the greatest gift any parent can give to their child smile my own children, now adults always tell me to try not to post on their FB also lol Don't feel as if you let your child down. Think of it more as it's going to be one of life's many paths that is available to us. We can choose a kinder life or chaos. Always a lesson to learn in things that go on around us or people we talk with. Keep smiling and yeah, some subjects in school is gawd awful boring tongue lol

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    CrisSpposted 5 years ago

    I am no guru or anything like that but I feel sorry about how you feel. However, it's not your fault that your son didn't have a good father because you wouldn't know anyway, until such time that you have him-your son. There's always time to correct mistakes. So, if you feel that way, maybe you should do something to correct the mistake(s) and start to form a good bonding with your son and develop a good rapport as mother and son. Begin a life together again...

    I can you tell you are a good mom, otherwise, you wouldn't be that concerned and affected. We're not perfect, so really an oversight in a relationship is acceptable.  I once have written a hub about Mother-Daughter relationship. Drop by when you have a chance because although I've spoken about my daughters in my hub, I do believed there's not much difference in building a good relationship with your son. I only happen to have daughters (no son), that's why.

    Be gentle on yourself, don't push too hard. It's great that you've expressed your vulnerability through this forum. HP is a good avenue to vent it out, great people, great community and there's a lot of great quick pick me up read in times like this for you.

    Goodluck. I wish you well in life including your university stuff.

    Love from the sky~