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Pretty Hot Over unpublishing of my hub.

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    mastercainposted 5 years ago

    I have just scoured through your policies.  Your policies are far too general (mirroring Google's efforts) to sort out WHAT it is I need to change.

    I have a feeling I am being reviewed by a human that is one of these anal 'I'm going to ban me some sites today' type of individuals.

    I'm pretty irate at the unpublishing of my hub due to new issues every time rather than a comprehensive list of what needed to be accomplished.  I am not sure I would have gone through the first round of editorial changes if I had known the links to my main site would not be allowed because I have a permission-based opt-in program to a Clickbank product.

    You should have these requirements stated in your policy with specifics, such as "don't link to Clickbank at all", instead of beating around the bush like the 'deceptive' sites you aim to eliminate.


    P.S. I feel as though I will end up with a banned account because I am legitimately TRYING to correct issues and then having new issues thrown at me and getting 'hub slapped'.  My money says in three days, after following everything you ask, you will ban me for some 'repeat violation crap'.  I've seen this mindset infecting the internet everywhere and it really is sad.

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      somethgblueposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I used to 'think' the same way and we all have had our run-ins with censorship however take out what is necessary after all the main point is to get your piece out there for the world to read than adjust your style to compensate for the narrow minded establishment.

      However I will definitely be stealing your phrase 'Hub Slapped', nice one!

    2. galleryofgrace profile image81
      galleryofgraceposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      There is a list of banned sites in the learning center. Clickbank is one of them. Also from reading the information in the learning center you should have realized that linking to a site that is strictly for your profit is not allowed.

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    mastercainposted 5 years ago

    I linked to MY blog.

    The clickbank link in question is set in some anchor text on my page and I do have a page dedicated to the product - which can only be found after spending a few minutes on my blog.  I never direct linked and I don't utilize poor or misleading tactics in driving my traffic.  In fact, I am creating content to truly help those who are having issues with the topic of the site.  I'm just upset that I'm not trying any funny tactics - maybe I should then I wouldn't get caught?

    From my understanding I cannot monetize on my site.  I am instead only to monetize on hubpages?  That is the tactic that is upsetting me.  If I were funnelling traffic directly to the offer I would understand the unpublishing.  I'm not so I don't.

    In any case I removed the links.  I just think that this type of policy enforcement is a load of crap.

    I'd love to make more pages here - I have plenty of Amazon products I'd like to bring to light, however, does that get banned too?  If so I'm not even going to bother wasting my time.

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    2uesdayposted 5 years ago

    Before you make the Amazon pages (if I were you) I would read the relevant bit in the Learning Center and check T.OS. on this topic, it might save you from having problems later.

    Since I joined the site the amount of information in the Learning Center and some of the requirements for writing here have changed. I can see that there is a lot to read through for anyone new. However reading the bit you need to might save time and trouble in the long run.

    BTW Somewhere it will tell you that each Amazon product you add to a Hub, requires a minimum word count of text ( I think it is 50 words). 

    Lots has changed here, partly I guess in order to try to feature well on Google search. Which means the rules have been 'tightened up' and adjusted on this site. Some of the changes have proved to be less popular than others. You will be able to learn about them in the discussions here by reading other forum posts. I would say that from the discussions that I have read there is a chance that not every hub published will become a featured one, now. Which means that you might not find the site ideal for you. If you do stay and want to publish here then really there is no choice but to act on the emails they send you and follow the rules that are set out. It is probably not as easy to get to 'grips' with it all, as it was when the site was smaller and there were less people wanting to publish here.

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      mastercainposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I appreciate the heads up and the insight.  I've back burnered any further progress with this site until I am able to determine my position on the first site I created.