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  1. Drax profile image78
    Draxposted 4 years ago

    IMHO is does not make sense for the author sub-menu to read;-

    Hubs | Forum | Q&A

    The primary objective once a visitor is down to this level of the page is to showcase the material the author has produced. Additionally these links often reveal a lack of activity in the Forum or Q&A area, this can then indicate to a prospective reader that the author is not active which is totally wrong.
    Since many authors actually focus on a particular niche it makes more sense (to me) to be able to customise this menu via a tick box method so it would display your top 2 or 4 category selection - there is a design issue here in that you will be limited to character count for this one line menu.

    Your selection would obviously reflect where you perceive your expertise, interest or focus lies.

    Ideally at selection it would also be excellent to be able to alias the menu choice with one of the words contained in the category, for example;-

    Books, Literature, and Writing = Writing
    Games, Toys, and Hobbies = Toys

    This would not change the hierarchical structure of the d:base in any way but would be an excellent method of helping authors to offer their best / favourite work to visitors.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image76
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      "IMHO is does not make sense for the author sub-menu to read;-"
      It sounds like you are you referring to the profile.
      Currently, if you click the "All" option on the profile you get a list of the Hubs by topic.
      This feels like it is somewhat of a dupe of this request, so I am consolidating them.

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