How successful am I as a hubber

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  1. path-finder profile image64
    path-finderposted 5 years ago

    Hi fellow hubbers

    I have this same question that many of you may have asked yourselves: am I successful in Hubpages?

    It is only recently that I have been posting some hubs here. It amounts to 11 featured hubs. And I am going to pass 1000 hub views in total very soon. I feel like I am not getting that much recognition for my work, not what I have expected. Do you feel the same or am I being too expectant?

    1. profile image94
      Robbie C Wilsonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with KL, you have to define your own sucess. I set myself a number of targets this year, one on how many hubs I have, one on how much traffic I want to get and another to hit a specific earnings target each day. If I achieve those three then I will consider myself successfull. I am not going to get rich with HubPages, but it is a fun hobby and every now and then I get some money for it.

      In answer to your question Ronwan, it takes a lot of hours to produce 100 hubs (I have 82 plus 14 left to publish so almost 100) and it has taken quite a long time. But as it is something that I enjoy it doesn't worry me at all. I would estimate that each hub takes around 8 hours to write, research and publish.

    2. susi10 profile image97
      susi10posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi path-finder,
      When I joined HubPages, I felt the same, that no one recognised my work. However, I started commenting on others hubs, participating in forums and writing more hubs. Eventually, I started getting comments and more views.

      As I wrote more hubs, my views increased to what they are today, about 250 to 400+ views. It takes a while to start getting views and constant search traffic but after all the work, you can sit back and watch the earnings roll in. You aren't going to make much money (with the views that I get each day, I still haven't achieved payout) but with a lot of hard work, you just might. Hope it all works out for you and happy hubbing! smile

    3. drpennypincher profile image93
      drpennypincherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      You can't really control how many pageviews you get or how many comments you get on your hubs.  What you can control is the quality of your hubs and how many hubs you write.  I choose to focus on the things I can control. 

      Over time, my statistics and earnings have ramped up.   It takes time for hubs to move up in the search engine results pages, and as you write more hubs and link them together, this will increase traffic.  With experience, you learn more about SEO and how to use amazon and eBay capsules effectively to generate revenue.  Things will only get better if you keep writing!

    4. NateB11 profile image91
      NateB11posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I think you have to give it time and write more. Generally it takes several months to, even, a couple years to get significant traffic, for instance: Also, probably, at least, dozens of Hubs. The other thing is to read your own Hubs and discern for yourself whether they are of good quality. It doesn't hurt to know a little about keywords, what will be searched on the Internet, so that people find your work. If you don't use at least a couple words that are actually searched, people might not find your work; I say probably because we never know what people will be looking for the next minute. It's a bit like this: You've set up a coffee shop on the side of town. No one comes across it for awhile; but then someone notices it, and comes in to drink some of your coffee and finds he likes it a lot; someone sees him in there and it looks like it's the place to be, evidently, and comes and tries out your coffee. Word gets around, you talk to people about your shop, people see your shop and people in it, and soon more are coming to visit. But it took a little time for that to happen.

    5. Woodmckinney profile image70
      Woodmckinneyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      First off, Congrats on your views!! I'm right there with you! I have 971 views total when I last checked- waiting for that to bump up!!
      How many views do you usually get per day? I'm averaging about 20 if I do not promote.
      The first hub I published was about gaining traffic, and it has been the most successful one.
      If you promote through other sources, update your hubs, and keep the quality high, you will gain more traffic. I use comments to measure success. If it has actually helped someone- that is success, and after time, others will discover it!

    6. sunilkunnoth2012 profile image22
      sunilkunnoth2012posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I feel you are on the right track and nothing to worry at all. Gaining 1000 hits within a few days of start itself is a good sign of a sound stay here. As you know, well begun is half done. You have done well and will surely achieve higher results sooner or later.  The only thing you need to possess is confidence. Write more and gain more. I may also remind you that WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEWER WIN!  Best of luck.

    7. cissitsang profile image62
      cissitsangposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Writing content can be a tricky beast, so it depends on your goals. What sort of content do you want to write about? How much are you prepared to put into promotion? A lot of it has to do with promotion, from participating more into HB to using other places to backlink.

      So it's not always useful to compare yourself with others. It's good to an extent, because you can work out why someone is getting more traffic than you, but ultimately your goals are your own.

    8. prospectboy profile image88
      prospectboyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I think it's all about how your view your own success. Some people view getting thousands of views daily as success, while others are satisfied getting 100 views daily. I think it's important to keep your expectations low on here, especially in the beginning stages. Just focus on what about topics you like, and building your name on here. The rest will take care of itself. Good luck to you.

  2. KL Klein profile image81
    KL Kleinposted 5 years ago

    "Success" is a matter of how you define it for yourself. Some people would consider themselves successful if they simply enjoy what they do here. Some won't consider themselves successful unless they're managing to make a living off it. So the answer to your question really depends on what your personal goals are here.

  3. Ronwan profile image69
    Ronwanposted 5 years ago

    I fully agree with path-finder.
    I have been around for a while but do not always have so much time to write good articles. The few i had and that were featured are not featured anymore except for 1.

    But, at the time I had more featured Hubs earnings were really low. Just a few cents a day.

    I often read it is a number game and you need to have at least 100 features Hubs but preferably more, to start seeing an increase in earnings.
    Wow ... how much time is there involved in making 100 featured Hubs smile

    Anyway, Hubpages is a fun place to be and i will go on and add a few Hubs whenever I have time.
    Probably that is the best you can do Path-Finder.

  4. MDavisatTIERS profile image86
    MDavisatTIERSposted 5 years ago

    I agree with many of the comments so far.  I also have had to look at whether my expectations on view, comments, and revenue were even realistic.  I had nothing to compare it to, so setting myself up for a feeling of failure or success was based in part on an unknown assumption.

    My niche is addiction.  I have been very successful, recognized and quoted over the 20 plus years of being in recovery as well as working with the population; therefore, I probably had an expectation or assumption that Hub Pages would continue to garner these same results, and in turn generate another revenue source.  While that may ultimately happen, I have yet to reach a payout number.

    Discouraging?  Somewhat, I joined and wrote one Hub about 8 months ago, life intruded and I didn’t write the remaining 26 Hubs until this month.  All of mine have been featured, but comments are few and far between.  I had anticipated more, but as others have pointed out, to get we have to give, thus this comment, but equally so because I can understand the motive for the question as it is one of mine as well. 

    I’ve hit the first milestone of 1000 hits in the month and maybe that is good; I’m really just not sure, so have tried to not have expectations, which is hard as there is a number listed on stats.

    Sounds like self-pity (would insert smiley face, but don’t actually like them), so will just keep writing, rewriting, gaining in awareness of maximizing articles for this site and not quit my day job just yet.

  5. annasantos profile image61
    annasantosposted 5 years ago

    I think from my own personal perspective, success is not measured by any recognition or whatsoever.  I consider a success as such when I truly have fulfilled my goal.  Like for instance, writing.  Writing is something that I'm so passionate about.  I have created my own website to write articles that I can share any useful ideas to my readers.  I think from that perspective alone, I consider it a success because I have actually done it.  Recognition from others is only a bonus.

    1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image98
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I've been around for about a year and a half and have probably deleted as many hubs as I have written.  I have learned that having tons of hubs that nobody reads is a waste of time, but having a few that many read is valuable.  I don't have huge page views, but I do have a few hubs that bring in hundreds of views a month and one that brings in around a thousand.  I also have others that bring in low numbers...and those are the ones I try to fix and then later delete if they don't cut it.  So, this isn't really about how many hubs you write, it IS about how many people read them and, of course, how much you make off of them.  Right now I have 68,000 views AFTER deleting so many hubs, and I will delete more as needed.  I would rather have 50 good ones than 250 that just sit there.  Too many people hold on to their low performing hubs, and I feel this is a mistake.  What you want is a portfolio of performers, not losers.  Anyhow, that's my two cent rant for today!  Good luck to all of you.


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