Please give me guidance

  1. Hydrau1 profile image59
    Hydrau1posted 8 years ago

    As I am new to Hub pages I would appreciate any feed back and guidance on how to improve my hub pages, Thanks. Look forward to your feed back. big_smile

  2. quotations profile image92
    quotationsposted 8 years ago

    I took a look at your hub about amputee exercise equipment. Firstly let me say that I think this is a great idea for an article on a niche topic. I bet there aren't that many articles on this subject.

    However, I think that it would help to make your hub easier to read if you broke it up into sections with headings and also added photos if you can.

    Your hub is also very long, so you might consider splitting it into smaller hubs and linking them together.

    Hope this helps