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Earnings from eBay

  1. sunilkunnoth2012 profile image39
    sunilkunnoth2012posted 4 years ago

    Since eBay has stopped giving revenue for the last few months, I have stopped adding this capsule on my hubs.  Earlier they had paid a few cents every day and now nothing at all coming from them. Is my action of avoiding eBay capsule right or should I start putting this capsule on my hubs as had been the practice till a couple of weeks ago? Please advise.

  2. ChristinS profile image97
    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    Ebay changed their program back at the beginning of October I believe it was.  Since then, in my opinion, they are not worth it.  If you have the Amazon option available, I'd go with that.  eBay could be worth it perhaps on a few select hubs, but Amazon is better.

    1. sunilkunnoth2012 profile image39
      sunilkunnoth2012posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Since I get nothing from Amazon too, I just avoided that capsule also. Thank you for your comments.

  3. srsddn profile image93
    srsddnposted 4 years ago

    Sunil. my experience is almost the same as that of yours. I have been trying Amazon but no success so far. A few pennies were added at times due to visits to eBay capsules, it is no more there. I feel there are limited chances with both.

  4. ziyena profile image83
    ziyenaposted 4 years ago

    Has EBay stopped giving revenue?  Really??  I'll just keep my capsules, thank you  ... Every penny counts in my book  smile  Hopefully, things with the EBay program will turn around once again, and then that way, I won't have to worry about readding all those damnable capsules ...

  5. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 4 years ago

    EBay and Amazon both now pay the same:  for sales only.

    So really, either one is as good an option as the other.  I feel what works is to use the capsule/service that truly offers the most relevant products for your  Hub and topic.

    1. Marisa Wright profile image96
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It's unusual for me to disagree with you, Relache, but I do in this case.   On Amazon, you get paid for sales - on eBay, you get paid for some sales.

      There is one big difference between eBay and Amazon:  eBay has auctions.  You get paid for a sale on eBay ONLY if the buyer places a bid within the first 24 hours.  If they don't place a bid within that time, even if they ultimately buy the product, you get nothing.

      On my websites, I have eBay set to "Buy It Now" items only - which makes it identical to Amazon. I can't do that on HubPages.  There is a dramatic difference between them in terms of earnings since the change.